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Just looking for some guidance?!


i'm new to this so hopefully my question is coming up right!

I had my lap 10 days ago they found endo. They drained my left ovary, no cysts discovered. 6 days later i was doubled in pain (just as much as pre-op). I called my GP today to discover they didnt actually remove any of the endo! has anyone else had this? I feel so alone. i now have to wait 6 weeks until i see the gyne again does anybody know what the next step is as i feel im just being fobbed off and a nuisance to my doctors. I left my lap with as little info as possible. i have no idea what stage i am at. no idea about anything at all. I am terrified about what is going on!

i have been using this site a while now for info so thought it was about time i asked?! any info would be great!


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Hi sorry to hear about what has happened,

I had this problem and my doctor referred me to Arrowe park. You could ask your doctor if that's what they are going to do?

LauraLou x

i think it all depends on what you consent for a standard diagnostic laparoscopy doesn't always entail dealing with endometriosis i had mine 6 days ago but my surgeon spoke to me prior and we added extra things on that they could do if they found anything as all my scans had shown no reason so fortunately for me i had consented to any physical abnormalities to be dealt with aswell as dye through my tubes so during my 1st lap i was diagnosed treated (only with diathermy )and lesions removed alongside removing and releasing bowel which had been stuck to my back and abdomen dyes showed one tube blocked also so i will have a lot of information on my next gp visit to.process i think it generally speaking is a consent issue but different surgeons may find a way of applying your consent to meet the requirements when its not been specified as clearly as mine was hope it helps some and good luck xxxxxx

Hi Lauralou

Unfortunately I don't think this is an unusual situation, the same happened to me and Ive heard of it many times, sometimes they only intend to do a diagnostic lap but don't tell you that or set a certain time frame for each lap and if there's too much to do or they require further consent they leave it all until they have spoken to you.

In my case it turned out I had stage 4 endo so the consultant left it as it was too bad to do there and then and I ended up having open surgery to remove it. However my consultant did come to see me straight after to briefly explain things and sent me home with some brief notes of what had been done and what she had found but then I was expected to wait 6 weeks for a appointment to find out everything fully, we were TTC and I was so upset about what impact this could have on that I ended up ringing the hospital for further information which I got. 6 weeks is such a long time to wait, perhaps you could explain your anxieties to your GP and see if they can get any further information for you.

Good luck xx

I know it's terrible and sucks. Thinking of it I know waited for the lap at Arrowe park but can't remember how long the wait was to see the doctor in Arrowe park.

Thank you all for your answers. I have dug out my consulattion form i had with surgeon before op and it does say on there to diagnose and treat endo however they havent. I am awaiting my letter from hosp so i can contact them directly. i am however pleased to know im not the only one this has happened to. I hope you are all on the road to recovery. Thank you again.


Just to add to what's been said above - diagnostic lap days tend to be just that, they have a conveyor belt of women all waiting for 'minor' surgery. Although you consented to endo treatment on your form, it may well have been that when they got in there it was too extensive to deal with in the time frame they had available, or there might be another issue that they wanted to discuss with you before proceeding any further. I know it's annoying but this way you'll get it dealt with properly, in time that has been dedicated specifically to you and your treatment.

As for the 6 week wait for a follow up, I agree that it is a long time to wait, but I understand why they don't give you the information on the day. Most people would be too groggy to take it all in, at least this way you get time to think of questions you want to ask and write them all down.

Take care

C x

sgalg2010 in reply to Chrissie66

a very positive way to look at a some what negative situation thank you. has made me feel a bit better about the whole thing!

Take care x

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