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Lap tomorrow and extremely nervous


Good morning

I’ve got my first lap tomorrow to treat endo and I’ve never had to go into hospital before or have an operation and I’m feeling extremely nervous about it. I just got it in my mind that what if they can’t wait me up from the anaesthetic...silly I know but I suffer from anxiety and on the whole I manage it well except for stressful situations.

Was anyone else feeling like me?

Thanks z

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I was really nervous before my first lap for treatment of endo so I know how you feel.

The doctor should come round before the op to go through what they're going to do and how long they think it will take. The anaesthetist may also come in at some point to introduce themselves. Then a nurse should check up on you to see if you're ready and any last minute concerns and do blood pressure plus pre op pain relief (painkiller tablets). It may be a good idea to talk through your worries to them, they'll understand.

I found when I explained my worries they took the time to proceed when I was ready and calm especially with the gas and going to sleep.

Take your mobile / tablet to watch some videos or something before the op to take your mind off the wait if you have a wait- mine was in the morning (early admission time of 7am for all op patients of that specialist in the morning) but I was second so I had to wait two hours, the film watching helped!

It'll all be okay, you'll wake up thinking "I dropped off a second ago!"

I am some one who worries a lot and understand your concerns.

The first time I had anaesthetic I was terrified- I thought I might die! I think it is normal to worry- It’s not silly to be worried.

Tell them you are worried- they will reassure you and put as much ease as possible- they are used to hearing that. I found the staff to be very reassuring and made me feel much calmer 😊

You can ask for a sedative prior to being put under- personally I always have one ( I get worried what they may find. )

Having been under twice and about to have my third op next month I can say being under general anaesthetic its nothing to worry about. Literally they put the anaesthetic in you fall asleep straight and next thing you’re awake - it’s like no time has passed. You’re perfectly safe - the anaesthetist will be keeping a close eye on you- he/she will meet you before the surgery to see what you are like awake 😊

Pre op will tell you when you can last eat /drink before op. This is important to follow- they will ask you this many times.

Bring your tablet, books etc to keep you entertained whilst awaiting to go into surgery of after surgery. You will also need a dressing gown- it will cover the hospital gown and give you some dignity 😊 you can also wear slippers to theatre too. No make up is allowed , but you should be able to shower the day of your surgery. It is a good idea to wear loose trousers afterwards. Some women may bleed afterwards so you might need towels. I would also pack an overnight bag just in case.

After the operation you will need to rest and have someone with you for 24 hours due to anaesthetic.

Make sure you have paracetamol and suitable painkillers ready for after your surgery- you may have cramping, you will have shoulder pain from the gas they inflate you with.

I had endo removed last year and had two weeks off work- I have a physical job. I found myself very tired first few days afterwards.

The consultant should be able to sign you off work - if not your GP can 😘 don’t return till you feel ready 😊

All the best with your operation xoxo

Hi zedebe,

Sorry to hear you're feeling extremely anxious about your lap tomorrow- i hope you have people around who are supporting you at this time? I agree with the ladies above- you will fall asleep straight and when awake you'll be in the recovery room. I was very anxious with my first operation too, had heart palpitations, but it all went really well.

Please feel free to use Endometriosis UK helpline 0808 808 2227 if you wish, it is open on most days; the women on the helpline have all had endometriosis themselves and are very willing to listen.

Personally, deep slow breathing really helped me with anxiety. Wishing you a speedy recovery after your operation and let us know how you feel afterwards if you wish.

Take care x


hi. Hope you can have a relaxing and calm day today. All good advice from the other lovely ladies, just wanted to say I was very anxious about my surgery and a friend who is a surgeon at the hospital I was in reassured me massively been saying through out the entire process you are monitored every moment and its the safest you'll ever be and I found that helpful and I did feel looked after all the way through both that time and the surgery I had at the bsge centre. Let them know you are anxious but remember they are very well trained skilled people that will be completely concentrating on you during the op. Hope you peppermint tea to hand as it helps with the gas and give yourself plenty of time to recover. Be thinking of you 😊. Cx

As the ladies said above just make sure u have relaxing people and all ur fav things around u when u come home.

Peppermint tea or capsules helped with the bloated wind.

I managed pain on just paracetamol not as bad as thought would b.

Also take it easy, chill out, watch boxsets,rest, sleep, dont rush back to work or school

Or college.

Any questions ask us or dr tomoz.

It not as bad as u think it will b.... honestly.

Thank you ladies for all your kind comments it is much appreciated! It is so nice to have this forum and to know I’m not alone in this very debilitating journey xx

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