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Hysterectomy tomorrow I'm nervous

hi all, I had a lap four months ago but no Endo found. But the consultant thinks I have adneomyosis or however it is spelt. Alot of my pain is in my right ovary and I have damage on this ovary so if I say while your there could you take it out they will?

I'm actually nervous, I didn't think I was but I'm sick of constant pain and feeling shitty I hope it works thanks guys xx

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Hi amanda2kiddies goodluck hope surgery went well :-) I'm 4 weeks total lap hysterectomy and feel great ...! I have the odd hot sweat but I have felt better than I did befor surgery I too had Adenomyosis the pain and moods and sickness that went with it yuk :-( so wish I had of done this years ago xxxx


i am very happy that you feel better after the surgery, i wasn't in that much pain, but of course like for two weeks or even more I was half unconscious i think, but now I feel fine, it's been years since I had it so, you can be sure that it gets better with time.

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I hope everything will be okay before and after the surgery. I had my hysterectomy too due to uterus cancer i have had. I was very devastated before the surgery but my husband helped me to overcome my pain. i hope that you also have someone who would listen and support you. it is very important. after the surgery you just make sure to follow all of the advices of the doctors and everything will be ok. don't feel pressured by anything, everything will be fine.

i am now a fully recovered woman who has signed with the surrogacy clinic and I am happy, very happy.

you need to be healthy, your health is the most important and if it takes that much to become healthy again for you, go for it with no worries!



Hope today has gone well and that they got everything out that they needed to. If there was endo I so hope they cut that out too as they didn't with mine and I'm still in pain two years on

Agree that I felt better after as I had adenomyosis and of course heavy periods went!!

Take a look at hysterectomy associations website as loads of useful info there.


Hi just wondering how it all went reply when your up too it! Hope it all went well xx


hi all thank you for your comments, I had the hysterectomy and my god ive never been in so much pain. I had to stay in because my blood pressure wouldn't go up. My bowels and bladder have stopped working so I'm having to self catheterise its been a week since my last bowel movement and my bowels is full of fluid. I can manage to walk upstairs and that's about it. The pain keeps me up at night I'm hoping its going to start to settle down. Ive never felt so sick all ive ate since Sunday is a slice of toast each day and that comes back up. I am drinking plenty of water but if go over with the water im sick. I know everyone is different and I'm sire it will get better but these last few days have been a nightmare. I don't feel emotional just tired, the morphine and codeine are keeping me on an okay pain level, but for about three hours in the morning I cant even stand to make a drink of water. I'm sorry I'm ranting my husband has been a fantastic help this week helping me and the kids but hes back to work next week I'm having to ask for favours just to get the kids to school ad there's no way I can walk the 15 minute wak to school so I feel guilty I not one to ask for help anyway thought I would share how I was getting on xx


Sorry your having such a hard time :-( just take things slow the body tells you when you've done to much ...! Just ask for help it's ok don't feel guilty as you only have one chance too heal properly so be kind on yourself ...!


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