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14 months TTC - Endo stage 3

Morning lovely ladies,

I wonder if anyone can please advise where I go from here. Background - diagnosed with stage 3 endo 7 years ago (at age 23), I have had excision surgery pretty much every 16months since then last surgery being Dec 2016, since then my husband and I have been TTC without luck. I went to the GP at 11 months and she suggested 3 months of twice monthly blood test to check hormone/ovulation levels (all is fine). The GP has now suggested I go back to me endo speacilist to have a look if more surgery is an option as she thinks its an endo issue stopping me from getting pregnant (yes the pain and all the symptoms are back). I understand this needs addressing in order to carry a healthy baby.

My concern is, last time from point of referral from GP to surgery date was 13 months (I haven't the money to go private) , I do not want to waste another year trying and failing to get pregnant if there are other options I could be trying to help. Does anyone know what else can be offered to help someone conceive bar surgery? I should add, I eat organically, exercise regularly and practice yoga twice a week. Any advice welcome.

Thank you! xx

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Hey- i cant offer much advice but did want to share my story, i was diagnosed with stage3/4 endometreosis in sept 2015 after a yr of ttc. The gynaecologist refused to do any more surgery even tho i was in alot of pain because i was ttc.... we finally fell pregnant march 2017, 2 1/2yrs of ttc snd i had my baby girl dec 2017. I am now waitin to c gp and gynaecologist to c what can b done to remove cyst/ endo that i have.

Sometimes u just have to b patient....i was desperate to fall pregnant and nearly gave up! Keep trying and stay positive x

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Huge congratulations! I know you are completely right. My real concern stems from being caught in a loop of having to try for a year without help each time, in which the endo grows back. xx


Why not ask to see a fertility specialist first? They will know all about endo.


The GP wont refer me to a fertility specialist until I get the endo addressed again. I am going to ask the endo specialist for advice but as referrals take so long, I came on here to see if anyone had any similar experiences and could share advice.


I am from Australia so our system is different. Here the fertility specialists also do laparoscopy . I had IVF for my kids and they tried a cycle first without treating the endo but I didn’t make many eggs( old!) and then they did a laparoscopy and did a bit of gentle endo surgery. My fertility doctor said fertility specialists operate on the endo with fertility as their main concern not hacking it all out which can be bad for fertility. I hope that is not a worry for you but if it was me I would want to be armed with information. Don’t fertility doctors do laparoscopy in the UK?? Could you find out and then harass your Gp to send you there first instead so you aren’t wasting time seeing endo doctor first? But as I said it is different here and there is a much bigger private system. Our gps don’t try and stop you seeing specialists they refer you if you ask they aren’t so bloody mean. I keep reading here how the Gp says no when it’s completely obvious these women need sorting out and leaving them to suffer longer is cruel. I’m ranting and not helping you and I’m sorry. But if fertility doctors do endo surgery then I would go there first and explain to your doctor why. Good luck!!! I have 3 kids and got there starting at 34 with endo and husband with low sperm. So there is lots of hope!!


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