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Stage 3 endo... Advice on natural conception??

Had a laparoscopy yesterday... Turns out have stage 3endometriosis...Having spoke to doc this morning she was really shocked at how bad things were because I had very little pain... My ovaries were close to being fused together..both had cysts (with endo inside).. She has managed to remove cysts n hopefully all surrounding endo... The dye test showed left tubes/ovary is healthy..but right not great..she has warned me if get pregnant by right ovary most likely be an ectopic pregnancy.... She's not ruling out natural paregnancy but my womb is "bulky and heart shaped" which could cause early miscarriage or premature birth... She says she will only carry out 2nd operation to reshape my womb if I have a miscarriage in future!! Not sure how to feel about things...says it's likely endo will return within 6mts so is only giving me injections for 3mts to stop ovulating n telling me to try getting pregnant within next few mts...kinda feel everything against me.. Window of 3mts not great if endo returns so quickly... I can't afford ivf... I can hardly afford the 3mt of injections I need... Very upset tonite... Hoping there are some good stories out there of ladies managing a natural pregnancy with simular issues... Or mayb some advice of what could help improve our chances....

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Hi, I am in the same position as you, I have stage 4 and had to have my left tube removed, there is still endo on my bowl and possibly in it as it is fused to my womb, I have appointment in September with the specialist but my current surgeon basically told me to get try and get pregnant ASAP as I am a ticking time bomb and he thinks it may be my only chance before the specialists go in and repair everything, I am doing the ovulation tests every day but it worries me that if I do actually get a positive ovulation test which I have never had, that I will be in to much pain to try and will miss my window of chance, my pain is really severe and all the time, I don't seem to get any breaks from it x


Sorry to hear u are in such terrible pain..when they repair thing will it not easy the pain and hive u some more hope?? .I know I have been lucky in that respect and that I only ever get a little back pain... I live in southern Ireland..i waited for over 3yrs for my 1st gyne appointment only to b told he would do bloods n see me in 6-8mts....both my sister n mum had endo..I knew something was jus not right..am 37, I know o haven't got another 3yrs to wait....so I went into northern Ireland for 2nd opinion...the difference in health services are unreal... The doc was happy to accept all the reports n blood tests my own Gp had done over the last few mts..there was no waiting..internal scan n straight away told cysts had to b removed...am so greatful to this doc for taking me seriously... It's been 6mts n still no reviews appointment from Irish gyne..they not even aware I have been to north .n had have my lap done within2mts of making that choice...it's heart breaking that our lives are left to doctors who don't care and systems that don't work..am just hoping my 3yr wait hasn't destroyed my chances...

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Feel or you. I have tubal infertility caused by endo. I had an ectopic in 1999 and my remaining tube is completely fused.

I just wanted to make you ladies aware of something I found out about whilst on infertility forums. It's called egg share. Basically, if you ovulate every month, are 34 or under, and have a bmi orlf 30 or under, you can donate your eggs to a lady who doesn't ovulate. In return, she funds your ivf.

It's not an easy process but I would do it a million times over as I now have a beautiful little girl 💜

Gp's do not inform you of this so I was resigned to the fact that I would never have children. Not only do I have my daughter, but my recipient, the lady who I donated my eggs to, has a little girl also.

If you want any more info then please just message me x

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That's a great scheme... Unfortunately am 37 so I have missed out age wise.. It would be amazing to help someone like that


Do you know your cycles? Are they regular?

I'm sure you know this but ovulation happens 14days before periods (unfortunately it's backwards so it may be difficult to guess when it happens unless you are regular).

When you ovulate, sperm should already be inside; Sperm lives around 3days I think once inside. (before that, the vagina produces substances that kill invaders, sperm included)

So when you know your ovulation day, you need to have plenty of sex in the 3-4days leading up to it, on the day and the day after for good measures 👌

To have an idea of when you ovulate or are going to, you need to take your temperature every morning BEFORE you get off bed, you draw your curve like you were at school (🤓) - when it's peaking or on the way up, get to work!

Personally, ovulations tests didn't work for me, I knew however that when I was at 36.5 I had to get to work because my peak was 36.7 the next morning!

My son is now 5 ❤️


Thank you...Yeah my periods & ovulating always been bang on to the day! Been trying for over 2years so am holding out tiny wee bit of hope that after endo removed we stand more of a chance....It just that staying pregnant n keeping baby safe is outta my hands cos of the Shape of my womb...Can't help but think if I manage to get pregnant I am gonna be so stressed about ectopic or miscarriage or premature birth that the baby will stand no chance


Hi. I'm in a similar situation, I have severe endo on my left side, ovary and tube adhered to my bowel. I also have an enlarged uterus. I am waiting to go to an endo specialist. I'm guessing will be surgery to remove some endo and then the baby route? which for us is going to be IVF, been trying for nearly 2 years. I'm going to look into the egg share a little more.

I've heard stories of people falling pregnant after their diagnostic lap as their tubes are flushed and it just seems to improve chances... I'm not holding out any luck for myself but positive thinking and all that!!


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