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Endometriosis stage 2, adenomyoma, fibroids and falling pregnant at 40

Hi ladies. I am really struggling with making the right decision for my body and need your insight and guidance please. After suffering with painful periods for a year, I was diagnosed with stage 2 endometriosis. Also had multiple fibroids. Both were removed via laparoscopic surgery. After the surgery, period pain stopped. I went back to see my fertility specialist to see if all was ok to go ahead and fall pregnant. He noticed what he thought was a fibroid which turned out to be an adenomyoma the size of a golf ball. This was removed via a second lap within a year. Also, the endo returned so that was removed too. Still diagnosed at stage 2, however, I am not in any pain due to endo. Dr suggested I go on visanne for two months to control the issues, following which we can try naturally to have a baby or do ivf, egg freezing. I was wondering if it was really necessary to go on visanne to stop ovulation. A second dr I was referred to specialising in endo suggested I go on visanne on day 1of my period for three months and I would then need to be injected to ovulate and should then go for ivf without trying naturally to fall pregnant as I have no time to due to my age. Im skeptical of doing something that is so unnatural especially considering side effects of visanne. I am very into natural remedies and was thinking of alternative treatment options. My current egg count is 2.65, last year it was 3.96. Has anyone been able to fall pregnant after two laps without taking visanne? If so, were there any pregnancy complications? We are also looking at embryo freezing as back up if we are unable to fall pregnant naturally. Need urgent advice pls. I am not keen on taking visanne.need to decide before my next period which is due in a few days...thanks

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Hi there, read this and I've kind of been through a similar experience although I'm slightly younger. At 37 I found out I had severe endo on my bowel. We had to decide whether to carry on trying (already had a year of no success - I have no children) or have a lap to remove chocolate endo cysts, followed by 6 months of hormone injections then my big excision operation to unstick my bowel and excise rest of endo. We decided to give us our best shot we'd have the treatment. Fast forward a year, I then got pregnant 3 months after my last big op, but sadly miscarried at 8 weeks. We've now been trying again for another year, I'm nearly 39 and still haven't got pregnant so they have just offered us our one free NHS ivf cycle. Howeveri might have another cyst which could delay this another 4 months ( may need another lap). It's a postcode lottery and in our area the cut off age for NHS ivf is 40 for a free go. Researched has showed at my age the chances of ivf working are about 17% success rate, which is better than trying naturally. Looking back now, I just wish I had gone straight to ivf and paid privately, I would have been a few years younger and my chances greater. It's not impossible but every year your chances reduce. I'm certainly not an expert but I'd say your egg count isn't the highest, so don't waste time if you feel they are fobbing you off. If you are already 40, you may not meet the NHS ivf criteria for your area ( you can check this on line), but if you can afford it then I'd say just go and book a private consultation with a fertility clinic for £250-£300 and get some specialist advice. You haven't said if you are under a fertilityclinic already - who is advising you...a doctor, gynaecologist or fertility clinic? If it's a fertility clinic they probably will know best? I really do feel I've wasted a lot of time on waiting lists on the NHS, waiting for consultations, doctor's appointments, tests etc. In ten years time you want to look back and know you've done what you can. Sorry I can't answer about vissane - I haven't had any experience of that. I wish you all the luck and hope you get the answers you need xx


Sorry just re read and realise you are under a fertility specialist! I guess they will want to get your body in the best form for any treatment but if you're not happy or unsure can you get a second opinion? Xx


Thanks so much hun. I really appreciate the feedback. My egg count was 3.96 last year and then dropped to 2.65 this year. Not sure if the surgery had anything to do with that. You are right, I dont have time. We are looking at embryo freezing and maybe ivf if we fail to get pregnant in three months following my recovery from this surgery. We dont have the opportunity of free ivf in South Africa and medical aid won't cover it either. How is your health now? Keep trying and look at all options. All the best to you...


Aww, I'm sorry if I sounded a big negative. I hope I didn't bring you down. I just struggle myself sometimes and I get a bit pessamistic. Just stick to your guns and don't be fobbed off. It's good to have a plan - if made me feel like we were doing something positive.

My health is ok ish. We're just gearing up for our first ivf. I find out on Thursday when it all starts so feeling a big nervous and apprehensive. Glad it's moving forward though but sad it's come to this.

Good luck over the next few months, i hope everything works out for you x


Thanks so much. Wishing you the absolute best. Hope to hear good news. Keep.positive. as for me, I have changed my diet,seen a.homepath, doing.acupuncture and seeing a spiritual coach. I am feeling great and positive so far. Just some.chest pains I guess due to gas I am.addressing right now. I want to go for energy healing soon as well. Sending you love.and light


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