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Ttc after first surgery.

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Hi guys just wondering roughing how long it took people to get pregnant after surgery or how long you tried until asking for help? I had my first surgery for stage 4 endo in February where he managed to remove all the endo and cysts but my right tube is blocked and my left tube is clear and good. He told me I can start trying as soon as I have my first period. I was on the pill for 10 months prior to surgery due to waiting for surgery. Even though I have stage 4 endo the pain is usually manageable it’s mostly uncomfortable (touch wood). I’ve noticed since surgery I’m now getting ovulation pain which I never had before and I am using ovulation sticks which are bringing up two lines for 2 days around cycle day 14. This is only my second cycle of trying so I know it’s going to take a while a miracle even as I’m properly still healing from surgery. I’m just worried as I don’t know how long it will take for the endo to re grow and I don’t want to go through the process again of waiting nearly a year for another surgery if I have to go through ivf but my consultant and gp said to try for at least 12 months. I am quite a healthy active person I’m taking pre pregnancy vitamins and try and eat the right foods for conception. I read a lot online and basically from what Ive read I’ve got no chance with endo and a blocked tube which just makes me feels sad. My egg levels were checked before surgery and are normal although slightly lower for my ages ( nearly 30). I just want to speak to people who understand as everyone around me is positive which is great but they don’t understand what I’m going through. I feel like I need to prepare myself for not being able to have a baby.

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My friend got pregnant straight away. But for myself stage4 I have been trying for 5 months and haven’t caught, ovulation tests are positive. My tubes were fine though. I was due to see my consultant but due to this virus it’s been cancelled. People tell me it will happen and not obsess over it, I am not obsessing at all but it’s heartbreaking each month when my period comes. It’s making me think it’s not actually me as I’ve had a good clear out and it might be my husband that’s the problem 🤷🏻‍♀️

Sorry I don’t have answers but you are not alone x

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It really is not to obsess over it but because I know I’m trying it’s hard not to. I was thinking the same as you and my consultant said to have a good clear out before trying so I’m not sure. My husband hasn’t been tested so I’m not sure about him as it could be him. I will give till maybe autumn time and speak to my gp if I haven’t caught. I haven’t had a follow up yet would be due around now but with this virus it might be a while otherwise I would speak to him. Thankyou for your story hopefully you get a positive soon x

Hi. I have stage 4 endo. I had surgery in sept last year and I’ve lost a tube because of an ectopic. My other tube they say is clear. I tried for 4 months and then I went straight to ivf. I wasn’t prepared to wait. I think you know your own body. Like you my body is like clockwork I ovulate I get my periods regular etc but it still isn’t happening for me. Unfortunately with covid 19 I’m on hold but my embryos are in the freezer waiting. At 25 my AMH was 34 and by the age of 30 my AMH has dropped to 14 so I knew I had to make a move as my egg reserve was dropping pretty quick xxx

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Thankyou for your story. I think with this virus it’s going to set everything back I think I will ask for help if I haven’t caught by autumn time. Hopefully you get some Good news soon xx

Im the same as you in that I’m lucky enough to not get symptoms too badly. I pray this continues. But, it also means it is harder for us to remember that we’ve actually been through quite a lot!

You had major surgery in February. That’s a traumatic thing for you and your body to go through.

To me, 12 months seems like a reasonable length of time. Regardless of endo, conceiving can just take this long. It seems like your doctor has no reason to believe it couldn’t happen naturally.

Look after yourself,


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Thankyou for your reply. Yes my consultant had to get rid of a lot of endo and worked hard but he did say after I can try as soon as I’m ready and didn’t seem to concerned. He also told me before surgery his seen many patients with what I have and have conceived within 2 -3 cycles after surgery so I don’t know. I will give it 12 months to see how it goes. Thankyou for replying it’s nice to hear advice from people x

Hi, I'm in a similar situation with stage 4 endo trying to conceive after excision lap surgery earlier this year. The advice I received was try for 6 months and seek help if no results by then as I'm over 35. If under 35 I think they do say to try for a year.

I got a book I found really helpful and informative called The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant. It busts a lot of myths about getting pregnant generally and does have some recommendations for men - it takes 75-90 days to produce fresh sperm so to ensure the highest quality she recommends they reduce caffeine and alcohol intake and avoid long hot baths!

Good luck to all trying, I hope to hear some success stories!

Thankyou for your advice. Hopefully you get soon baby news soon for you. That’s interesting about the book I will definitely look into that Thankyou. I will give myself 12 months I am 29 nearly 30 but if I get worried earlier I will see my gp. Good luck to you trying and Thankyou for your advice xxx

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