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Lap has made me question myself :-(

Hi all, I'm new here & this is my first post.

I've had endo for many years & last Monday had my 5th laparoscopy, my last one was about 7 years ago as I've been desperately trying to avoid more surgery. They didn't find any endo this time, just old endo scarring & a cyst on my left ovary which is where all my pain has been. This is the first time they've not found anything in a lap & I'm so confused as all my pain has been the same as my endo pain before & so bad on occasions that I can't even stand up. Has anyone else ever had this? The Dr who did the surgery seemed quite dismissive about the cyst causing pain & I was too drugged up to explain how I've been feeling over the past years.

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Hope your recovery is going well. I have had the exact same thing happen. I was diagnosed with endo in 2014 and was treated straight away. As the years went on the pain persisted then last year I had very bad pains and was rushed in for an emergency lap and they found the endo had come back but didn’t treat it only took pictures. 2 weeks ago I had to have another as they were going to excise the lesions but .... nothing there. I was half asleep when specialist was talking to me but he seems to think there’s nothing there! It’s draining!! I had seen my doctor today and he is going to write to the gynaecologist. If you are still getting pain and no answers keep pushing them for some answers to it!



Hey Ashleigh, thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it. It's good to know I'm not the only one this has happened too. It's so odd though as I've had quite a few lap's & they've always found endo. One of the Consultants I saw before my surgery is convinced my pain is something to do with my bowel, but so far all tests are clear. He did warn me that they might not find anything but the pain is the exact same pain as my previous endo pain so I was convinced that he was wrong & they would find stuff.

Hope you hear back from the Gynaecologist soon & get some answers. I will see how the next few weeks go, but I will keep pushing it if I still get pain as feel like I'm going nuts & they can't give me answers xx


was your surgery done by a bsge specialist? As you have got endo only a bsge specialist should ideally be operating on you, a general gynaecologist could miss the endo x


Hey, I've actually no idea to be honest. What does BSGE mean? I will check & see if she was. Scary to think that the surgery could be done by someone who could actually miss the end

:-( x


British society of gynaecological endoscopy, it basically means they’re approved by a council of gynaecologist (that bit could be wrong) to diagnose and treat endometriosis affectively, I knew about being an approved specialist and my surgeon said they were a specialist, turns out they were just saying they were a specialist and aren’t actually bsge approved, general gynaecologists can often miss endometriosis as it presents itself in different ways and places, hence why it’s often better to see a bsge specialist x


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