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do I need to plan when to conceive incase endo will come back?

So I recently got diagnosed with mild endo from a laparoscopy and I have been quite anxious since, as my left fallopian tube was 'slightly inflamed' but I don't think they found any endo there, only on my uterus and bladder. I wasn't given an explanation and i've been left overthinking.

I am feeling stressed because I know the endo can come back, and the only way I can prevent it is by going on the mini pill (not allowed the combined one for health reasons) and I have heard horror stories about the mini pill :(

I'm looking forward to having less painful and heavy periods so the last thing I want to do now is go on a pill that will muck them up again, but this might be the only option as I really don't want the endo to come back just yet. I'm only 23 but I want to conceive in the next few years. I'm getting married next year but I'm still living at home with my partner and family, and now I feel like I have to plan when I want to conceive around this condition and what action I need to take to prevent it.

Is anyone in a similar situation? If anything this experience has made me want children more, but I just don't know what the best action to take is. I haven't got a follow up appointment, the Dr has been no help and I can never reach the gynecology department. So frustrating!

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Hi Katie,

I am also feeling like I have to plan having a family around the condition and it’s putting a huge strain on my mental health (I’m feeling really anxious) & pressure on my boyfriend.

Like you being diagnosed with endo has made me want a family more than ever before & I’m really worried I’m going to miss my chance if I wait too long! I’ve been told the 9 months following your first laparoscopy to remove endo is the optimum time to try. Anyone else heard this?


Yeah I've been feeling super anxious too, it really is a lot of pressure and so much to think about. Yeah same! I have heard that the first year is the best time as the likelihood of it coming back increases after this I think x


I'm 23 and was diagnosed last year as well! I have to say I'm in the same position. I really want children within the next few years but I haven't even finished uni yet. I don't know how I'm going to be ready financially though by then. Very stressful, especially as my pain has been getting worse. It's a constant reminder


It's a really stressful situation to go through. Same as me regarding finances, but then part of me thinks whatever happens, no-one is ever 100% ready for a child, some people might be in better positions regarding finances and having a place, but it's still the same process. Very torn about what to do! same x


I totally agree, the timing will never be exactly right! The way I see it is we have an optimum time to have the best chance of a family & I’m so anxious not to miss it!

Endo101 I feel you with the constant pain as a reminder! It’s like I never stop thinking about it! x


Hi, i understand your concerns. I have stage 4. I was initially told try naturally and come back in yr if no luck, in hindsight i should have just gone straight for ivf as that is the situation i am now in. Not to say that you wont conceive naturally, my endo had stopped it for me (duff tube washing away eggs) rit doesnt mean you cant. Right after surgery is the best time :-)

I had surgery last week to drain a cyst and remove a duff tube, i start ivf 31st oct. Good luck


I wasn't actually told what stage I was, in fact all I was told is that it was quite mild I didn't know there was stages. I'm sorry to hear of your news and good luck to you too. x

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There are 4 stages. Minimal (1), mild (2), moderate (3), severe (4)


I also haven’t been told what stage I am at, but I think it might be because I was diagnosed by mri and not a lap?


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