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Laparoscopy and period?


Hi all.

Wondered if anyone can help? I’m due for a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy on Tuesday and thought it would be just before my period however I’m getting all the signs that it will likely appear over the weekend.

I’m realky worried it will mean I can’t have the procedures - has this happened to anyone and has it been ok?

Thanks, Jo

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I was due on my period around my lap time luckily I started after my lap 😮 I would google it see if theres any info 😮

birdyjojo in reply to Abi_97

Thanks for replying abi. I’ve looked online and as ever there seems to be conflicting advice! My main concern is that they get the best chance to see how things look and make a diagnosis as the last thing I want is to have more surgery.

Abi_97 in reply to birdyjojo

Looks like other women have been on their period so I wish you the best of luck 🤞🏻

Hi! My period start on the day of laparascopy and hysteroscopy. They still done both of them.

Thank you that’s reassuring to know. I hope you are doing well.

I always seem to be on a period when I have laps, never been a issue. Best of luck x

birdyjojo in reply to Lovisa

Thank you Lovisa that’s reassuring. I hope you are feeling well x

Lovisa in reply to birdyjojo

I'll be feeling much better once lap no.4 has come round. Is this your diagnostic lap?

birdyjojo in reply to Lovisa

It is - they’ve said they will do treatment at the same time if they find anything. I actually had a lap 12 years ago, so it’s taking a very long time to get answers!! I’m having horrendous contraction like pain the day of my period, normally first thing in the morning, which is complete agony until I get strong painkillers in me, then it’s pretty horrible for a few days after. I passed out during the last episode so need to get it looked at. Fingers crossed x

Hey. I have hysteroscopy and laparoscopy on Thursday I also think I will be bleeding. I went to pre opp this week and they said it should be fine to still do opp. I hope you get on OK..... I am counting down the days xxx

birdyjojo in reply to Amyjane88

Oh good luck to you too Amy, hope it all goes well. Thanks for the info Xx

My consultant told me they would go ahead even if I had my period x

Thank you Lizzie x

Oh and I was having a hysteroscopy too.

I also was on my period when I had my lap! It didn't matter at all. The only thing is I had to take my tampon out for the surgery as they inserted an instrument into my uterus via my cervix so they had to be able to get in there. I imagine that's routine. So I guess it could be a bit messy but not an issue otherwise and obviously they don't care about that! Also you wake up with a giant pad stuffed in between your legs so you're sorted 😂👍

birdyjojo in reply to Lilloise

Thank you - that’s good to know. You’re right I guess dignity is left at the door!! 😂. Can I just ask, did you still get a diagnosis? My concern was that it would mean they can’t see the issues if you’re bleeding but from the sounds of it that isn’t a problem?

Lilloise in reply to birdyjojo

I did get a diagnosis but to be honest I had a laparoscopy but not hysteroscopy I don't think so may be worth just double-checking the hysteroscopy bit. Good luck xx

My second lap I was on my period. They still do it x

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