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Pain on right side after surgery!

Hi everyone, this might be a long shot but I was wondering if any of you had any kind of advise or a similar experience. As right now I’m feeling so down in myself it’s unreal.

On the 12th Dec I have my 3rd lap, which they found stage 4 endo, my right ovary was stuck down, and cyst on both. Healing after the surgery was as you expect, sore, but 4 weeks later everything but my right side is fine. Ever since the surgery my right lower side has been getting worse. It to the point that the pain is excruciating when I move (walking, rolling over in bed!). I have been to my doctors several times since, as my gynaecologist app is in 6 months time. I’m now on 400mg slow release tramadol, oramorph (morphine), diclophenic and paracetamol. For the love of fried fish I do not want to be taking all of that!!! They are now contacting gynie to try and move my appointment forward. I’m just getting really concerned that there could be a serious problem with my ovary or tube. I haven’t had any children yet, I’m 22 and I guess it’s just making me panic.

Sorry for going on and on, but if someone has anything that could help, or any advise, I would be forever great full


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Hi lovely, I'm so sorry you are going through this. I had my 4th Lap on 12th Dec too and I'm still experiencing lots of twinges and pulling pains and constant awful lower back pains. I'm still taking 100mg tramadol a day which is an improvement from the max dosage I was on pre-surgery but I thought I would be off painkillers by now.

I totally understand your concerns with the amount of painkillers you're taking. It can take a very long time for your ovaries to heal and the tissue to settle after a lap - I read somewhere it can take 3 months so it's still early days. Does this pain feel similar to what you experienced after your other laps?

If not, it could be your right ovary is beginning to heal in the wrong place and scar tissue is building up around it. Like you, my left ovary is constantly getting stuck down to my bowel, uterus, abdominal wall etc. They have always freed this during laps but it very quickly starts to stick itself somewhere it shouldn't, I only have a 6 month window before it's stuck again and my pain has resumed. This is probably the worse thing about my endo is that is my sticky ovary!

I can imagine you are very concerned, maybe the best thing is to speak to your GP who should be able to rule out infection and request an MRI scan with gynae - it should help shred light on whether the ovary is starting to heal in the wrong place xxx

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Thank you so much for your reply! The pain actually feels worse than it did before I had this lap, which is why I’m so confused! But that does make a lot of sense about it getting stuck down again, as they had to sort that out in this lap. Thank you for Your advise, you really have helped me feel less panicked about it all! Hope you recover fully from your lap soon! Xxx


Is the pain where it was before the surgery? If so it could just be taking a long time to heal.. if not you may be in a similar situation that I was in after my surgery.


Yea the pain is where it was before the surgery, and it’s returned a lot worse x


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