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2 weeks post TAH BSO

Just two weeks post op TAH BSO and bowel disectomy it was over four hours surgery and struggling with post op complications fever stomach upsets low bp swelling above incision loss of sensation in legs and bladder. Just fall apart some days others feel thrilled to see minor improvements. Fingers crossed. Atleast malignancy was negative. Chocolate cysts endo in uterine wall and tubes also. Multiple Fibroids in uterus cervix with chronic inflammation and cellular changes. Am really worried about bladder sensation.

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You journey sounds very much like where mine is heading to.

Did you have bladder symptoms prior to any surgery? For the last 18 months, I have struggled to pass urine, urgency with some loss of sensation during 7 -10 days after started period, 1 day post lap and I’m just feeling high up pressure too wee no urgency sensation.

The swelling above incision maybe the skin knitting together but along with the fever it may be a little incisional abscess forming, I’d be wanting to get it all checked out. Hope you start to feel better ASAP


Kelit I forgot to mention I had severe adhesions almost everything was stuck up it was a big mess inside. I have been unable to eat for 2 years before surgery and had huge issue with bowel movements urinary problem was inability to empty bladder and was always a dribble. Have now tried hydrotherapy since yesterday had 5 lits water and it just worked got a strong normal flow sensation will take time i know. Swelling was hard but with hours of heat and antibiotics its reduced today.


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