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Just home post hyst +BSO

Had my hyst + BSO + excision at a bsge centre on friday. Came home today, feeling pretty positive. They were able to shave the endo off my bowel, so no resection or bag. I've got post op and gas pain but it's not as bad as my endo pain and the constant pressure in my bum and hip has gone. Feeling hugely relieved and hopeful for the future.

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That's great news all went well. Keep us posted on your recovery hope it goes smoothly and you can start enjoying a pain free life :)


Glad to hear it all went well. u must be so relieved. remember to rest rest rest x x


Glad you're ok Hun. Just don't overdo things , rest is so important now.

Take care Hun.

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So pleased to hear you're doing well!! xxx


Glad to hear you are recovering well, my daughter is due full hysterectomy next Monday and I will be looking after her afterwards. She is 30 and has 3 children, still waiting to see if operation will go ahead due to fluid found in her uterus, she's having more tests today.

I'm hoping her recover will be quick easy and uneventful. Keep me posted as to how you are getting on. Thinking about you.


Rest well. I was amazed at just how little I could do after mine - even opening the fridge was too much effort for my poor tummy muscles :-(

Take a look at the hysterectomy associations website as loads of useful info.



So glad it all went well for you. X x x x


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