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Help! Endo driving me mad

Hi all,

I've never posted on anything like this before but I've just had my 3rd lap and am feeling all over the place from it.

Basically my first one detected Polycystic ovaries,, the 2nd one was to remove a 10cm cyst, where they then found mild endo. After have a MRI this time it came up I have somthing called and Andomyosis which would explain the pain I'm having and a Cyst again. They thought somthing could be on my bowel as the pain is so bad so we're going to look. After coming round yesterday from my Lap the surgan showed me pictures of my uterus and overuse and there's nothing there, no endo, cysts nothing! Plus they didn't check my bowel. He did say this could be that it's so far into the muscle now it can't be seen so now I feel like I'm back to square one and need to see my Gyny. I'm confussed to ehy a MRI picked it up but not the Lap. Has anyone had anything like this before? I'm trying to work out the difference between endometriosis and andomyosis.

Thank you for reading x

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Are you with a BSGE centre? If not I'd ask to be referred to one. If they suspect endo on the bowel then that's a bit more serious than 'mild endometriosis'. What sort of symptoms do you get? Adenomyosis is similar to endo' but on the lining of the womb. It can cause heavy bleeding and pain and if it's the root of the majority of your pain then they may suggest a hysterectomy in the long term but this won't cure endometriosis though, so it's best to rule out what causes the pain (i.e. By having a laparoscopy and excision surgery if you've endometriosis) before going to the extreme of having a hysterectomy. My advice is a bit general but you're best to get a specialist surgeon especially if it's on your bowel as you'll need a bowel surgeon too...don't mean to scare you but Drs seem to tit arse about so much, while we learn how we should be advocating for the best treatment for ourselves while suffering! Wish you well.


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