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Endo review

I went to my gynae doctor today and was told that they think my endometriosis may have grown into my bowel.

I'm slightly concerned as there just sending me for a ultrasound and a ct scan. Two years ago I had a emergency lap and that's how they found out I had endo I had had countless of scans beforehand which diagnosed nothing until I collapse one day in pain from a ruptured cyst and then they found the endo on the laparoscopy.

My question is if the tests come back clear yet again what happens then? I'm in so much pain , pain all down my legs pain in lower abdomen and lower pain. Pain having sex feeling sick and I even bleed through the back passage when I have a bowel movement ( this is why they think I've got it on bowel now) as I only get this when on period.

Anybody else suffered with the same symptoms and had tests that were negative ? What happened? Really concerned 😔

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I have same symptoms, and was sent for an MRI scan which showed the endometrioma had fused to the bowel. Now I'm just awaiting some more surgery.

Hopefully your results will show something too!!


Hi thanks for a comment. Oh really if I had t had the surgery 2 years ago I would never of had the diagnoses of endo.

I'm really hoping something shows up on the MRI then I've had so many tests in so much pain with it . Sorry if this is too personal but do you find it hard to go to the toilet my lower tummy hurts so much when trying to pass a stool and then I think this causes the constipation. What have they said there going to do? I don't want part of my bowel cut away 😳


Yes, I really struggle passing stools when on my period in particular. The pain.is excrutiating and goes down my groin, and down my buttock to my thigh. They told me that alot of the time I may feel constipated but im actually not, its the pressure on the bowel deceiving me.

They said they can do a key hole sunderland geryto cut away the growth feom.the bowel. Just frustrating having to wait for a date.


I constantly feel like I need to go to the toilet like a constant pressure. It's causing problems with my bladder aswell. Thanks for your reply. Makes me feel better that I'm not just thinking this and it true. Been years and years you never think you get anywhere with the doctors.

I just don't see how ultrasound will help I've had so many of them.

Have they said you can still concive? I'm getting married next year and want to try for another baby?


Theyve referred me to a fertility clinic, but said i should still be able to conceive. I hope this is true as have no kids and desperatly want them.


Yeah that what they said they may have to do for me. I conceived naturally 6 years ago and I've got polycystic ovaries think this was just luck but I didn't have endo then I grew after having my daughter. I hope you get some answers keep in touch would like to know the outcome for you.


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