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Confused by Lap and Dye results 😫

I had a Lap and Dye on Friday to assess the function of my remaining tube following an ectopic pregnancy and discovering I had severe endo (had no idea up until the emergency surgery-i thought everyone cried and threw up in pain with their period. Right?!) so I knew prior to surgery that the remaining ovary and tube were fused to the back of my womb and could not be seen via ultrasound. Anyways... the surgeon said after that she had not been able to see if the the dye had left the tube as she was unable to see the end of the tube or the ovary at all whilst in there?! She showed me a photo of the dye sat in the tube (the tube is tortuous and twisted due to endo) Does this mean that the tube is likely ruined? Blocked? Or just a wasted procedure?! I am struggling to work out that the point of having it was because they new the tube was a mess ?! Gaaahhh

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Are your doctors intending to treat your endo by excision? Are you being treated at a BSGE centre? Have your doctors mentioned IVF treatment? Xx


Hi janine. IVF has been mentioned as an option by our fertility consultant however he wanted to assess the remaining tube via HSG initially to see if natural conception would be possible before ivf referral was made. HSG failed due to cervical stenosis So had to be done via Lap and Dye. Treatment of the endo hadn't been a focus or topic we had discussed as they were investigating fertility and trying to determine options I guess... I wonder if they will now want to in light of the Lap and Dye? All of my procedures have been requested via the fertility clinic at my hospital thus far.

This is all so alien to me I'm slowly understanding the endometriosis but I feel very lost... I'm not sure what questions I should be asking and what needs to be done, should I be seeing a specialist for my endo before I even think about conception? I thought seeking people in similar situations may help!


I think it would be good to at least see an endo specialist at a BSGE centre. Although I understand your focus is your fertility treatment it might be that excision of your endo could improve your chances of conceiving and certainly there may be benefits for your health generally. It's worth asking for a referral, unless you already are being treated in a BSGE centre. Xx

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Thank you, you've helped loads. I didn't even know about BSGE centres! But I am going to have a look into it now. I will do anything that will help with both fertility and general health. Fertility is a long road for us but I need to be patient I think


I had simular to you. Emergency open surgery in 1999 to remove right tube due to ectopic.

I had the lap and dye about a year later and they informed me that the dye had just over spilled and not penetrated the tube at all. I asked at the time what had caused the damage to tubes and they said most likely an untreated infection of some sort. (implying an std)

I find out last month,a week before my 40th birthday, that I have endo in pouch of Douglas and cysts in ovaries. Endo has been the cause of my infertility from the start. I am absolutely furious about this. I had to go down the private route to find this out, dispute further diagnostic laparoscopies to try diagnose endo on nhs, which all came back clear.

Anyway, I am assuming adhesions have pulled your remaining tube so the end of it isn't visible? If this is the case, im sure you will need to see a bsge centre for endo to get that treated first and then the dye at the same time?

If everything is removed and adhesions free'd up then they would be able to see .

Good luck



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