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Laparoscopy and dye test

Finally got my date for my op on 1st May:-) I am also having to get a cyst removed at the same time and consultant said they would be checking to see if i have endo as I seem to have a lot of the symptoms and hate being in constant pain.Was wondering if anyone can give some advice on how quick you recover from this procedure? I've heard all different horror stories about this op and not sure what to expect now. Feeling rather anxious. Thanks x

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Hello, I have recently had my lap done which was about 5 days ago now. I was absolutely terrified when I went in! I was called into hospital around 7:30 then ended up going being wheeled up around 11 and finally went under about 11:30ish. Waking up was a very strange experience as I woke up to laying in a room being watched by two ladies who gave me multiple lots of morphine (great drug! Honestly cannot feel any pain only the sensation. It's really strange). Being wheeled back to my ward I was happily drifting in and out of sleep until it all wore off. I was then encouraged to start drinking water and then to eat which was probably the worst decision I made. Soon as I tried to swallow a slice of banana, I nearly threw up which started all of the pain. I soon found that my shoulders, back and chest was in agony due to the gas they use to pump your stomach was trapped in my upper half (very normal apparently, I wasn't expecting this!) suddenly I got myself into a panic which was extremely painful. The best way to avoid all of this is to make sure that they don't pressure you into eating and when you do make sure your throat is not dry! Would've saved me a lot of pain. Later that afternoon I was advised to start moving in order to get the gas moving which started off with me sitting up in bed then slowly starting to walk to the toilet. The worst pain of this surgery is the gas! As soon as I was able to get on my feet in the hospital I tired to make sure I was standing as much as possible, walking to the toilet every 2 hours and just tired to keep moving to get this gas out of me. In the morning I was woken up to getting kicked out of the hospital due to them needing the bed where I was shaking and crying in pain from the gas in front of the people going in for their surgery that day. Before being discharged I was told that I have stage 4 endo, my bowel was sticking together and that they only performed half of my surgery and that I would require another one in August for the other side. I really hope this does not happen to you! Whilst being at home it was a must to have straws to drink with as it make it so much easier to drink without sitting upright. The ride home was horrible, I read on a site about taking a pillow to cushion the seat belt, to be honest, I didn't even put my seat belt on because it was too painful. I do recommend moving the seat back so that you are slightly laying down as I found it was the most comfortable position. Day by day I am feeling so much better! especially now all of that gas is starting to leave my body although you do burp a lot! My stitches have been healing very nicely, I haven't been washing them everyday or touching them and personally I do believe that has helped a lot. And changing the bandages on them after showering or them becoming wet so that the bacteria does not cause an infection. I have been told for this procedure you are signed off for two weeks although I'm starting to feel much better after 5. I hope my story has helped a little and hopefully I haven't scared you completely. The worst part for me has been the diagnosis and not the pain. Wish you the best and lots of luck xx

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Well I had diagnostic lap and dye test in 09 it took me less than 2 weeks to heal. Good luck


Hiii .. I had my lap and dye on the 3rd April so 2 days ago. At first I was very nervous I was In hospital for 8 and was told I was the first on the list so was in the anaesthetic room for 9:50 .. I got a bit emotional then cus I am scared of needles but I had a lovely student nurse holding my hand right from then until I woke up .. I don't remember anything after the laughing gas until I woke up in recovery with 2 nurses watching over me taking my blood pressure I was very cold shivering so they covered me with a warm blow up blanket thing which was lovely .. My eyes were also blurred but after a while they was fine I wasn't In much pain just a bit of discomfort nothing like the period pains I go through I was then wheeled to my ward and greeted nicely by the nurses whilst I was drifting in and out of sleep. Not long after I had a cup of tea and toast and loads of water and tried to get up to get my balance but my balance was Bad so I had to sit down then after a while I got up and I was walking like pingi.. It took 2 times until I used the toilet properly and had to have anti sickness inserted through my hand needle.. So when I was discharged my stomach was sore and heavy full of gas and swollen couldn't really move then yesterday was the same I was up a bit more trying to walk but was crunched over .. Then today a lot of gas has come out and I feel more mobile still a bit weary using the kettle and stuff because I still feel quiet weak. It shouldn't take to long to recover just keep on top of your painkillers and rest rest rest good luck girl xxx


Thank you all for your replies. It has certainly helped put my mind at ease. My consultant told me to drink peppermint tea or anything peppermint as its ment to be really good to break up the gas quickly so i will be stalking up on that lol. Hope you recover well Shanjess. Take care xx


Thank you, Good luck CharleneAllan ..let us know how you get on xxxx


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