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My symptoms - Abdomial pain, pain with intercourse, heavy periods, and constipation are thse linked to endometriosis?

Hi I'm 20 years old and been suffering with abdominal pain and constipation for several years now. Everytime I go and see my GP they keep diagnosing me IBS - all my sympotms seem to be similar to Endometriosis. Constant abdominal pain, I have a heavy period which usually lasts around 8 days, I find it very difficult to have sex with my partner and it is having an effect on our relationship we havent been intimate in around a month. I am also very constipated and laxatives or any IBS treatments has not helped.

I'm not sure whether to go to the GP again and say that I think it could be endometriosis incase they think I'm just over reacting.

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Hi Leahmcm,

It's a difficult one as abdominal pain and pain with sex can both be caused by constipation alone. Have you had a colonoscopy? Where they stick a camera up your bottom to have a look? I'm assuming you eat a high fibre diet to help with the constipation? I wouldn't jump to the conclusion it's endo at the moment.

Are your periods regular?

Do you get pain with ovulation?

Do you pass clots with your period?

IBS can be affected by your period and endo can cause IBS symptoms, which is why the two conditions get misdiagnosed as each other a lot. With your symptoms I would say they should investigate your bowel first. Do any particular foods set your IBS off? I have had endo and still have adeno and IBS. I have figured out that eggs, salsa dip and baked beans make me run to the loo every 5 mins and if I eat too much bread and pasta then I can go days without doing a number 2. I once didn't go for 18 days straight, omg the pain!!

It is possible you have IBS and something gynea but with my experience with drs they like to look at each part of the body separately :/

If I were you I'd go back to the dr and ask for a referral to a gastro consultant, they'll have a good old look around your bowels and stomach to see if the problem lies there. If they find nothing then you can ask for a gynea referral.

Really hope you find out what's causing your pain hun. x


No I haven't had a colonoscopy, I had an endoscopy but they dint find anything from that and I have had a few ultra sound scans but they can never find anything.

My period is regular I would usually only have it for around 4/5 days but has been lasting for around the 8 day mark in recent months its usually very dark blood that is clotted but I know dark blood is usually just old blood. Im generally in pain for a few days before and during my periods its mainly on my left side though.

Yup they had me on iron tablets for a while because I have anemia which makes the consitpation worse so had to come of them so I had increased my red meat and also tried to increase my fibre, I was told to try Senekot for consitpation because the charcoal in them is supposed to really help but that didnt help either. I also generally have to avoid alcohol, fizzy drinks because I just bloat and im in pain for days.

Thanks very much for your reply x


hey...had to write to you...go and see another gp..i was told shoved off so many timeswith ibs..i do agree with the other comment that there are so many ilnessess that look like endo but are something different.u need to be investigated..the amount of scans and xrays..u should defo be reffered ...i now have just recently well bout 7months been diagnosed...and with your age...i wasnt taken seriously becos i was young...but i went back again and again till i found my gp who works in gyna...hes great hes the reason..i was taken seriously..im on medication and pain killers everyday which isnt great..and actually at the mo are having a hard time...but at least i know why now..and that was important for me to be able to cope everyday...keep on with it and good luck..


Hi love, im sorry about the problems you are having. I would ask for a second opinion which you are entitled to. I would also see your gp and as mentioned you have to be firm and if you dont agree with something tell them, this is your body and your the one that is having to put up with everything.

Could I ask a few personal questions... Is the pain only there when your on your period or is it constant? As well as endo, I would ask if it could be adenomyosis which is uterine thickening which happens inside the muscle walls of your womb, the symptoms are heavy periods, painful periods and pelvic pain during sex... I personally think that it sounds very simular to endo but it is worth talking in detail to the dr about your symtoms, honestly any slight little thing you can think of even if you dont think it could be useful maybe an indicator as to what could be going on.

I hope you are felling as best you can. I really hope you get some answers, and remember question everything and ask for a second opinion if you dont think your getting anywhere.

Take care hun xx


Hi ladies just wanted to give a quick update -

Been to the docs over the past couple of weeks and they are at a loss as to whats causing the pain. They have took a urine sample and some swobs and sent them away and Im getting blood test on Tuesday and also waiting on a an appointment for a an ultrasound if all this fails they are refferring me to a gynacologist. So fingers crossed I can get to the botton of this pain!!



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