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Lost Mirena Coil, endometriosis, periods, bloating and pain!


I know there's probably been lots of posts regarding mirena coils going missing (I've read lots of them trying to get my answers!) but just want to know if anyone can help me please.

I suffer with endometriosis and my gynae insisted on the mirena last November to stop my periods. Unfortunately, I have kept on having periods and they have been regular and very heavy.

That was up until about 6 weeks ago which means I am overdue. I have felt for my strings quite a few times (as I've always been able to) but in the past few weeks I have only been able to feel them once.

Since my last period and not being able to feel the strings, I have developed thrush which is itchy and burning. I've also put on weight quite suddenly and am constantly bloated. So I decided to go to the sexual health clinic to get this coil removed.

The nurse at the clinic was unable to find the strings herself so made an appt for me to see a doctor in 5 weeks time. This was too long for me as its giving me some anxiety! I just want it out. So went to my own GP the following day who didn't examine me but referred me for an ultrasound to see if we can locate the coil. Again, this can take up to 6 weeks for the appt to come through!

My problem now is I have started to get some pain in my lower right side. It's not constant, it comes and goes. There is also a dull ache. Could this be related to the coil? Could the coil be causing me to have infections as I am sore, itchy and burning? Luckily I don't have pregnancy worries as I am not sexually active.

I guess I'm asking if anyone has gone through similar and if waiting 6-8 weeks is acceptable? Don't suppose there is a lot I can do except for going to A&E which I don't like doing. Would they even scan me there? They didn't when I was in crippling pain and couldn't stand due to a huge cyst on my ovary, so I don't suppose they would in this circumstance either.

All these months I've had heavy periods and now the mirena has gone missing I haven't had one!

Sorry for the long post, this is just playing on my mind. Especially as I'm going on a loan awaited holiday next week and don't want to have this spoiling it.

Thanks in advance for any replies

Cath xx

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Hi my fiends friend actually went through something similar like this, her coil moved and she started to feel a great deal of pain and she ended up going to A&E because the pain was so bad. I don't want to worry it might not even be the same thing but if I was you I would get myself down to A&E and get it removed it's better than waiting 6 weeks which I think is ridiculous!! Hope it all gets sorted xx

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Thank you so much for your reply. I've been reading many horror stories about missing coils and where they end up! So I was thinking of going to A&E but didn't want to take the place of someone with a 'real' emergency if you know what I mean. But I think I will have to go and see if they can at least give me a scan. Thanks again! xx


Try to not read any stories online because it just makes you feel worse and give you unnecessary stress!! I know what you mean I'm like that too but this is a real emergency because if you leave it too long it might get worse so definitely go! Better to be safe than sorry xx

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Yes you're right, thanks again! I know these stories can make you feel worse but I don't trust doctors to give you ALL the information either. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me :)


That's alright!! Yeah sometimes you just have to go for it yourself and do what's best for you 👍🏻 x

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Hi cath i'm going through a similar experience, had the mirena fitted 3 weeks ago during negative laparoscopy.

Had been recovering well from the op with mild period pains but really nothing major. In the past week and half i have been in absolutely agony, my legs are hurting, i'm so bloated I look and feel pregnant, I took left over morphine from my op and was still in pain. I booked a nurse appointment to get it checked out as I hadn't been able to feel my strings once since having it fitted. She soon seemed alarmed firstly that the strings were way too short that she couldn't find them, and then that actually she had no idea where the whole thing was, she called in the doctor who was really concerned. They asked me could it not have fallen out but i really don't think it has, surely I'd have noticed?

Anyway the doctor phoned two hospitals firstly managing to get an appointment 'within 2 weeks' but then managing at the other one to get an appointment in exactly a week, so it is rubbish that you have to wait 6 week! My doctor classed this as urgent and said to be honest it really needed to be sooner than a week, but she advised me also to go to A and E should it get worse.

It was mentioned to me that it could've started going through the womb wall!! Really hoping it hasn't but with my luck I will not be surprised!

So i would advise that you perhaps contact your GP or whoever can organise it for you that it's urgent and you need to be examined sooner. I think my doctor may have mentioned something about the walk in centre? So maybe look into your nearest one to see if they can help you sooner?

Hope you get sorted soon it's awful when you hope something will help you but it's making it worse! Makes you feel helpless.

If i remember i will give you an update as my scan is tomorrow! X


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