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I would appreciate it more than anything if you could possibly help with these 2 questions:

1. What pain have you experienced with endo? - The doctors believe I have it but I just want to know the symptoms you have had and what the pain was like to see if its like what I experience?


Please could you help with understanding the laporoscopy. So I find out on Monday when mine will be but do they see endo on the bowel during this exam and other areas or is it just the obvious places? I had a scan and it looked normal...does this mean I dont have endo?

Thankyou so so much for your help it means the world!

Alice xx

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Hello, everyones endo pain is different but for me it's more of a hot poker rod being shoved up my bum, ovulating pain on my right ovary feels like it's exploding and being twisted, I get lower back ache which I describe as some heavy person swinging off my kidney tubes and pretty much constant sharp tugging twisting pains through out my whole hip.

Just because your scan looked normal doesn't mean you don't have it, only way to confirm it with 100% is a lap


Thankyou so much for your reply.

I get extreme pain that makes me sick but its more like severe period type pain in my tummy and then every so often i get a really sharp pain in either side of me and very bad lower back pain.

I dont get as much sharp pain as it sounds like you have (sounds nasty). Mine is more constant agony and then the odd sharp pain. Also i always need to wee and my bladder always hurts when full. Its just so odd and cant explain it sometimes!

and yes i have heard that. I am just hoping the person that does it is good :( dont want them to miss anything and so worried about that.


I have zero pain and stage 3 endo. So level of pain does not reflect level of endo.

Scans/ultrasounds are not a good way to confirm endo because the growths must be very large to show up on an ultrasound. During your lap they will look at your bowel, uterus, bladder, etc. You’ll get a much better diagnosis after your lap.


Thankyou so much for your reply. Its interesting that everyone goes through totally different things.



My pain varies. I usually always get a dull pain at the bottom right of my bowel that's pretty constant. I then get ovulation pain on my right side and excruciating pain the first couple of days of my period in my bowels and lower back pain. As someone above said, the pain doesn't necessarily reflect the extent of the endo, it's more linked to where the endo is.

The only way to tell for certain if you have endo is a laproscopy. I had a scan about 10 years ago and nothing showed up, so the doctor just assumed I had IBS and period pain. It wasn't until I changed doctors and he knew what he was talking about was I sent for a lap and that's when it all showed up. They'll look at all areas but will obviously make sure they look at the areas you've said is painful, so if there is anything they'll find it :) good luck! X

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Thankyou so much for your reply! I have heard so many people say that a scan will not show endo but a lap will so I guess I will have to see. thankyou so much. xx


Before I went on the pill, I had a very intense stabbing pain about the size of a £2 coin in my lower right abdomen. I couldn't walk because of it and it would make me vomit repeatedly. I also had sharp needle pains all over my abdomen. which are very different to cramps. These were only on the first 1-2 days of my period though. In between periods, I often experience uncomfortable pulling sensations in localised areas.


That sounds so horrible and so sorry you have that pain. I have similar but more the really seriously ache that makes you double over. Not so much the sharp pains.


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