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Laporoscopy endo Pain

I had a laporoscopy 2 weeks ago to diagnose endometriosis, the doctors told me that they probably wouldn't find anything, they find endo in around 4 different places and then cysts on my ovaries also, the surgeon said she got rid of it all, but what I want to know is has anyone's pain been unbearable? How long did it take you to do normal activities?

It took me 5 days just to be able to walk with a lot of painkillers. I couldn't lie down straight or stand up for long, and most forums I saw a lot of people said 2 weeks and they can go back to work. I went back to work and I cannot do my job without being in so much agony. I seem to be healing well (I have 4 cuts) but my insides just hurt so much.

I can't carry more than one full carrier bag, bending hurts and I need to sit down at least once an hour because I'm exhausted.

I don't want to go back on the sick as mentally it isn't good for me but I don't know if I really have another choice.

Anyone else felt like this after the laporoscopy and treatment?

I just feel so confused about it all.

Thanks :)

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I had my lap a month ago and it took me a week to recover e.g walking the dog and going food shopping etc but about 3 weeks to go back to work and that even hurt me a little bit. Everyone’s different though so don’t go back to work until you feel ready because you may feel ok on the outside but your still healing inside for about 6 weeks post op x

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Recovery time is going to depend on the extent of your surgery and how long it was. Sounds like yours was extensive and significant work was done. Remember the outside heals more quickly than the inside and periods will undo the healing internally setting you back a bit.

I was signed off work for 6 weeks. If you rush things it will again set back the healing process. Could you work from home in the time being to keep you occupied?


I think it was around 2 hours but I was very out of it with all the medication they were giving me so I'm not completely sure.

I run a kitchen so I have to be there at the busiest times, and all the office work has to be done within the pub. I think working from home would be perfect for me unfortunely I can't.

It's looking like getting another sick note :(


Oh dear.

I had a urinary infection straight after the op which didn’t help.

Hope you feel better soon x

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I had lap 8 weeks ago.

I had minor endo and taken off but i also had severe clotting of blood so now have to take tranexamic acid to lighten blood.

It took me 4 days to be able to move without pain ie pulling of the stictches and bloated belly.

I then made it downstairs and watched box sets for about week.

After two weeks i could potter about, in my garden and house no heavy lifting i was told for 6 weeks!!

I went back to work 2 weeks and was so exhausted and in pain i fainted and got sent home... another week on and i was ok again so gave it another go i went in 2 hours a day for week thats it... i still slept for hours after.

My stitches took 7 weeks to fall out. And i could still pulling and stretching in stomach and vagina but i am getting there.

Went back to gynae last week and she told me 12 weeks is the goin time for total healing so do not rush it.

I still feel tired out and somedays feel bit ergh like i cant b arsed but i dont push myself if i dont wana do something i wont.

I went to a all day wedding at 5 weeks and it killed me i was ready

For bed by 8


Yes I think if I carry on I will make myself worse. This is very helpful I thought I was just taking longer than everyone else.

I've started doing light cleaning around the house and seemed to think that was enough for me to go back to work.

I didn't really get told much about the healing process so I'm glad I have a figure at least.

Thank you


Your normal, i had a friend whose had 6 laps as she has severe endo and ashesions and i was on phone all time “ is this normal is that normal” lol think she wished she had never said call me anytime.

I had my first period two weeks after that was nice NOT!! I cried for one whole day after third day of that i was thoroughly exhausted and traumatised.

Some days u will feel fine and push it and u will pay for it next day!!! Do not rush it

Id say give it 3 weeks before u even think of work or ur just make urself stressy and ill.

Take nice walks just to keep urseld fit and healthy keep muscles moving and potter( i sound old im not) . I remember doin all housework on day 9 and i was on here on day 10 asking why i was in pain when it was pretty obv.

My gp told me ur healed when ur scar goes white/ pale pink aparently ? So mines still a darkish red and that 8 weeks so my gynae saying 12 week is about right

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I had my laparoscopy 2 weeks ago, and I’ve ended up having 3 week off work! I’m still having trouble with pains in my belly. Doctor gave me antibiotics as he thought maybe I got infection inside the womb. Bending, lifting or even stretching kills me and it’s bad at times I cry with the pain. Go back to work next week and I’m dreading it as I work on my fee all day. I’m having to have naps in day as getting exhausted so easily after being on my fee for only 30 mins. Dreading next week. Can’t afford to have any more time of work but I don’t want to rush back either and make myself worse.

Hope you feel better soon



Oh wow!! I haven’t had a date just to go and see the drs at the hospital!!! I’ve been waiting 10 months now. How Long did you have to wait?? Before you got your pre op?


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