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Hysterectomy cancelled

I was due to have full hysterectomy next week but it was cancelled today. Feel very upset I have fibroids, endometrial cysts and ovaries stuck to my uterus I'm missing work at least two to three days a month. I was so focused on getting the operation done and an end to the pain I've now got to get my head around that it's back to waiting and keep dealing with the pain . Tonight I'm an emotional mess .Anyone else have there operation cancelled due to NHS crisis

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I’m waiting for a date for my hysterectomy and a friend had her lap postponed today :(

I think the NHS is struggling. It’s a big worry xxx


Hope you get a date through soon ..

you are right the NHS is under enormous pressure and I can't see how it is going to improve in the near future.

Fingers crossed that we all get our appointments soon xx


Oh no! I’m so sorry.


It’s sooo frustrating for all as we get soo mentally ready for operations. I’m on both sides as waiting for my hysterectomy but also Working on a respiratory ward. The past three days have been a nightmare on the wards and I’m exhausted as I’m struggling so much with fatigue & pain.

Fingers crossed the manic January settles and we all get sorted soon.


Try to see this as a good thing. The poor doctors and nurses are rushed off their feet at the minute. When they do your op, you really don't want them to be exhausted, stressed and under time constraints. You want them to be focused and at the top of their game. Good luck for op.

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