Laparoscopy cancelled!!!

I am so annoyed. I've been working myself for my operation on the 16th only to find that it has now been cancelled and a private patient has taken the appointment!

I'm on NHS but for some reason been put through private which makes no sense anyway! But I'm so angry i now have to suffer for another month 😟 Has anyone else been through the same thing?

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  • I'm so sorry Katymarie, that is seriously annoying. I've heard of people coming in and not been seen on the day as it's too busy but never heard of a cancellation due to a private patient. I really hope it's sorted for you ASAP xx

  • Thankyou!! It's just so frustrating because I've been raring myself up for the operation etc and I've just been pushed down because of the private patient. I didn't ask to be put into private but some how I just was. Let's hope the next operation date stays the same!! Xx

  • Hi Katymarie,

    I just wanted to say I am so sorry for you - whilst I haven't personally had this happen I can understand your frustration - I saw my Gynae in November who assured me that my op (Total Periotoneal Excision) could be done before Xmas; only to find out after impatiently waiting for a letter that it was scheduled for 25th Jan!!

    When I spoke to the Secretary to find out why it wasn't before Xmas, she told me that she couldn't move other patients operations for someone else (understandably), so it seems really odd that you have had this happen (I am at a private hospital, but under the NHS too)! Thankfully a cancellation came up, so my op is just under 2 weeks away now; maybe they would be able to offer you a cancellation if one comes up?

    Hope you get your op soon - it definitely doesn't seem fair.. hugs to you & keep going! x

  • Thankyou! Isn't it frustrating when though! I booked all my time off work at got my other half to book time off so he could look after me etc which is the most inconvenient thing about it .

    I'm just worried now that my next date can also get pushed. I think I am on a cancellation list so fingers crossed if I don't get it on the 20th I get it slightly before!

    Good luck with your op also, let me know how you get on xx

  • Oh that is really frustrating!

    I hope for you that doesn't happen - it doesn't seem fair to have done it at all; we are all suffering so just because someone has enough money to pay for what they want seems so unfair for the rest of us, but then nothing about having endo seems fair really!

    Hope the time up to it doesn't drag too much for you! Is this your first op?

    Thank you - I'm having high hopes that this one will help & hopefully be the last! :-) xx

  • Oh my god how annoying, I would be p#ssed. Mines Friday hope I don't get cancelled egggh waited 18 weeks xx

  • How are you feeling? Did it go ok? Xx

  • Its this friday coming unless mine gets cancelled :)

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