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Experiences with acupuncture for endo?

I had a laparoscopy at the beginning of october to remove my appendix and stage 1&2 endometriosis. I was in severe pain for weeks after surgery but eventually it settled and at around week 5 the pain was very manageable. i had acupuncture in week 6 and for the whole week I was in unbearable pain and since I have been experiencing alot more pain than I ever did before. It's much worse at night and I have been woken up in such severe pain that I am almost afraid to go to sleep incase it happens again and it's so unpredictable. I don't know if it is related to the acupuncture or if it was just coincidence. Has anyone had any experience with acupuncture for endo?? If you have I would love to hear how it went, thanks in advance

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