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Hi everyone, i just want to find out if anyone has had any success with acupuncture treating there endometriosis, my wife has suffered with it for 18 years and is at the moment stuggling with alot of pain which no amount of pain releif is helping with, in the 9 years we have been togeather she has had 5 laparoscopys, her last was in December 2014 and we are back in the same postition again, she spent 5 days in hospital last week and has been sent home to wait for another laparoscopy which will probably be in July, I can see that she is beginning to give up and get used to a life of pain and i feel so useless as i cant help her, I looked up natural ways to help and came across Acupuncture and i would try anything even if it cost a furtune just to take some of her pain away.

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Hi, I'm currently waiting to see if I have Endo so I don't have personal experience but I have read some really positive results from seeing a chiropractor. I'm not sure how true this is but it had a lot of studies showing that any discomfort in the lower spine can aggravate the pain in the pelvis and just having someone correct the posture and help relieve some pressure can help. I'm actually seeing a chiropractor in desperation for a bad back (possibly Endo related now it seems!) and I know I definitely have a general improvement in the pain in my lower back and pelvis when she does the exercises on me to correct my lower back posture and she gently pulls and 'cracks' the joints to relieve pressure. It may be worth a try? I really hope she finds something that can help and its lovely that you're trying to find something to help because i know it can be hard for partners to understand. X


I have mild to moderate pain, only recently diagnosed following lap, prior to that I was referred to our local hospital Pain Clinic & had a ten week course of acupuncture. It didn't diminish the pain much, but made me much less anxious about it and able to deal with it better. May be worth seeing if you have similar nhs option available? Or a local practitioner that is recommended. I've had very effective acupuncture for RSI where western treatments failed & coming from a scientific & medical background & family I was pleasantly surprised at how useful & beneficial it was.

I've also had some hypnotherapy which also helps relax you and make you feel more positive (again thro nhs pain clinic).

I've also used a TENS machine post operatively which has helped.

I don't get on with most painkillers so have had to try out other ways of coping. I hope that your wife can find something that suits her and makes her feel better.


Is she under the care of a specilist endo centre?


Thanks for your replies, she has a consultant at QMC in Nottingham but it's like we just go round in circles and knowbody reley knows what to do,my wife has got to the point were she is telling them to take everything out but they won't do it as she is only 32, we have a 5yo son and arnt bothered about anymore, I spoke to a acupuncturist yesterday and she was really nice but my wife is reluctant because of the price, I want her to try it as we go on holiday in 6 weeks and after the year she's had I just want her in as little pain as possible


Hiya, I'm also in Nottingham (probably under the same consultant as your Mrs). I begged my GP to refer me onto Pain Management - so I've had cognitive behavioural therapy, physio (which also revealed I've had a twisted pelvis for god knows how long) and am now at the end of my free sessions of acupuncture. However I've had 3 sessions since my 3rd lap (18th March) so it's difficult to tell what relief I've had from acupuncture or if things are turning round since surgery. The sessions I had prior to surgery helped with general relaxation and eased the aches in the tops of my legs (I felt like my legs were marshmallows and the pavements were fluffy clouds afterwards). 6 weeks isn't much time to turn around a NHS appointment (but get your Mrs to ask for a pain management referral in the meantime) so maybe try a couple of sessions before you go. There's one my mate uses in West Bridgford for her major back issues and she really rates them. All the best : )


I used Acupunture for my endo and had amazing results. I used Mike Gorman in Birmingham. I turned up at his office one day, crying, barely able to walk and came out feeling fine - half an hour and £40 worth it in my book.

I had about 5 sessions and my endo has been easier since, not disappeared but I only get about 1 day a month that the pain is not bearable. A great improvement. Give it a go and by the way you're a lovely husband for posting on here for her.

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