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Acupuncture? ?

Hi All.

I was just wondering of any of you have tried acupuncture for pain relief with your endometriosis?

I have been looking at a lady in my area that is a specialist in women's problems like fertility which I guess endo does come under, but I'm looking at it for pain relief.

I have a massive needle phobia but I understand that this is different kind of needle. But at the moment the pain is so bad I would try anything lol!

I would be really intrested to hear from someone who has tried it for there endo.

Many thanks

Jo x

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Hi Jo - see the attached. It looks like it's worth a try. Let us all know the outcome x




Hi Lindle

Thank you for your reply. I will have a look at the information thank you. I have booked a a consultation with the lady I mentioned.

I will let you know how I get on.




Hi Jo,

I had it for pain relief and found it really helped. Personally it was very effective for the pain between periods and minimal for pain during periods but everyone is different and at least I now only have pain 3-4 days a month V's daily.

I think if you hate needles the best advice would be tell your practitioner, try to relax as much as possible and not watch as she puts the needles in, close your eyes, take deep steady breaths and use visualisation or meditation techniques to take your mind off it.

The pain is minimal and only at the beginning and the rest of the treatment is really relaxing. I would also give it a

I would also look at your lifestyle; exercise, diet, supplements, stress levels. Look up the Endo diet, there's quite a lot on this forum about it as well. Giving up coffee and gluten particularly helped me (am still working on the sugar!), as well as a good supplement plan.

Basically, if you take a holistic approach (which conventional medicine does not!!) then the results can be much greater. However, remember that they can take longer to show results so give them a decent chance, e.g. I didn't notice any difference giving up gluten until about 4-6 weeks after. Similarly with acupuncture it wasn't till the 5-6th session that the pain really began to diminish.

At the same time remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself and take it at your own pace, more pressure and stress because you are doing too much won't help either,

Good luck

Morika xxx



Thank you for your reply I appreciate it. Can I ask how often you have it?

I am willing try anything at the moment. I know people who have had it for different reasons who it's completely different to taking blood?

That is exactly where I'm Trying to go with it. I have started some supplements And Have Started To Changing My Diet Have Eaten Very Healthy.

Yes i think I may be adjusting already had a few days that I did not feel great and was thinking why am I doing this but feeling brighter today.

I have also changed everything I can to organic ad I under this can help reduce estrogen.

I am going to book a consultation with the lady I said about and give it a go.

Thank you for your reply.

Jo x



Sounds like you are trying all the right things.

Yes, I think its very different to taking blood, the needles are much thinner and go in quickly. It can be a bit painful initially and can feel a bit strange but I found it really relaxing.

I had 10 treatments in all, the first 6 every week, then fortnightly after that.

I've stopped for a while as pain was all but gone except during periods.

I am hoping to start up again soon as am preparing for another Lap and hoping to conceive after that so anything that can help!

Good luck, I hope it helps



I don't tolerate synthetic hormones well so I am really reluctant to go down that road.

I have a under active thyroid and I have to take levothyroxine for it because otherwise I'm reqlly unwell as it was quite severe.

I'm really pleased to hear that it has helped you I'm definately going in with a open mind and I hope it will be a successful as it was for you .

I hope your laparoscopy goes well and that you conceive quickly

Thank you for your help.

Jo x


I'm trying it for the first time toMorrow. I'll let you know how I get on!


Oh good.

Yes please let me know how to get on x


I tried acupuncture after more than 20 years of pain and misdiagnosis. It worked for me - I am no longer considering giving up working and have cut down on painkillers to just a couple of days a month. It wasn't instant - initially I went every week but now have only one monthly treatment the week before my period. I hope you have a positive experience with it.


Thank you sharing your experience with it acupuncture.

It sounds like it has worked amazingly well for you, the reason I want to try it is just what you have said I'm taking so many painkillers on a daily bases that they make me feel so sick and lethargic and I also worry taking them will cause another problem in the long run

Thanks again x


Hi Jo

I can honestly say that acupuncture has changed my life. It had an immediate effect on my pain the first time I went (mostly around my bladder and kidneys). I walked out completely pain free which was an amazing feeling! I've since had 5 more sessions, avoiding the week I am on my period. I have noticed an improvement in my constipation, no longer have sore breasts before my period, nausea has decreased, i'm less bloated.

While I was lucky to see an improvement straight away I do keep reminding myself that it is a process and that I need to give it time. I am also hoping it will help me to conceive.

I'd say give it a try, keep an open mind and like it's been said above focus on your breathing and try to relax. It is very different to say a blood test. One way to describe it is 'powerful' you can feel movement of energy around your body - I'm no hippy but that really is true!

Please let us know how you get on.

Jenny x



Thank you for taking the time to reply.

That's honestly sounds amazing to be pain free by not taking any medication.

Yes i have read that it could take a few sessions before you see the effects of it.

I'm hoping that it will work for me as well as it has for you.

I hope you are successful I'm conceiving soon.

Thanks so much

Jo xx


I had my first session of acupuncture this week. I really enjoyed talking to the practitioner. She was brilliant and it felt really relaxing. Almost like counselling and a good chat with added needles!



Thanks for your your reply. I'm glad that it went well for for you xx


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