Hi girls, sorry it's been a while I've been feeling so low and I didn't really know what to say or do. Hope your all well, and coping with the pain best we can. Mines been hurrendous I'm seeing an osteopath now and he wants me to have acupuncture 😯 not really sure what to expect if any of you have or are having can you please let me know if it helps or anything, and is anyone else experiencing a burning sensation around ovary area? Xx

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  • Not sure about the burning around the ovary area, but I did acupuncture to help with conception and I found it made a real difference pain wise. And it helped with conception - twice.

  • Wow really? I didn't know that acupuncture can help with conception too. I'm going for pain. But I'm trying to conceive too have been a long time, that's really helpful and interesting thank you.

  • I am having acupuncture for pain of endo but only just started - had 2 sessions. Seems to be helping a bit and certainly helps me relax and sleep better.

    You really don't notice the needles going in. Just a nice dull tingle kind of pain. I'd advise not watching needles going in but if they are going in your tummy you'll be laying down and hard to see anyway!

    Good luck.

  • Hi Nikita, sorry you have been feeling so unwell. I have too, its rubbish isn't it...? Before I considered Endo as a cause for my pain i was treating my pain as a musculoskeletal problem and saw an Osteopath for 6 months and then a Chiropractor. I had acupuncture as part of my treatment, of course the pain didn't go away, but in the initial acute stages, I think it did help the muscles around my hip back relax. The only thing I will say is don't do what I did and spend hundreds of pounds i had 20+ treatments at £38 a pop, I suppose I was just so hopeful it would fix me and I was being advised to book another appointment so they could fix the problem . I now know this was never going to happen, hindsight's a wonderful thing eh?! So I guess im saying definitely go for it but maybe just a couple of treatments if you get relief every now and then.

    Hope you get some relief x

  • Hi there, I swear by acupuncture. I had it after my second lap to help with fertility as I was told that my chances to conceive naturally were very slim. Within a year I had conceived and went on to have a healthy baby boy 😍 I know this was not solely down to the treatment and I was incredibly lucky, but I think it did ease some of the mental stress and worry that comes with fertility issues. Unfortunately my endo returned but I continue to have acupuncture when flare ups are particularly bad and it really does help with both the physical and mental symptoms. All I will say is don't let them pressure you into taken lots of the herbal medication. They cost a fortune and in my opinion don't make any difference. I know acupuncture works for some and not others but over the years I have found it incredibly therapeutic xxx

  • I'm having accupunture to help with endo pain and trying to conceive I had accupunture to help with my period pain and went on to fall pregnant with my son but hoping it helps this time to conceive but it helps with my pain a lot expecaily ovary pain xx

  • Hi, to be honest I was really open to Accupuncture and gave it a go but unfortunately it did not help,I tried it for 5 weeks and it didn't touch it,she didn't even help with my painful period.I think it's down to the individual and how your body reaponds.Good luck x

  • Hi

    I have had acupuncture for neck problems also for periods at the time was told it was ibs but it did really help with my periods so going back for 6 sessions as I would really like to stop taking tramadol daily,it's worth a try some people only need a few sessions to feel a difference it doesn't work for everyone.I really hope you find something that works for you.


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