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Hysterectomy after 10 years suffering

hi all . After suffering for over 10 years . Iv finally been offered a full hysterectomy. Had a laparscopy June 2017 some endometriosis removed but pain is worse. Iv done my research thoroughly and not going into this surgery blind. My consultant said a hysterectomy may not end my pain that my bladder could be damaged etc. My friend had a hysterectomy for the same reasons and said this was said to her. But it's the best decisions she's ever made. Has anyone else had a hysterectomy and still be in endo pain ? bladder / bowel damage

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I am in the same boat and offered a hysterectomy and been told of the risks which is worring. I have spoken to a few people that have had hysterectomy and they have all been fine and said the same thing that it was the best thing they had. I am also worried if the endometriosis comes back and the other worry is if I have it done can't go on HRT as endometriosis might come back. I really don't want to go through the hot flushes etc and there is nothing that I can take to help. I have just finished 3 months of zoldaic and can't take the hot flushes and pain. What did they say to you about HRT?




Are you being seen by a BSGE consultant? They would make sure they removed the endo at the same time and would

arrange for a bowel surgeon to be there if necessary.

I had stage 4 endo and adeno, had a total hysterectomy and endo excision in July and it was best decision for me.

My consultant put me on HRT which is combined version and ok after endo.

Hope that helps big hugs to you both xxxx

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No I have not been seen by BSGE. I have found that the Gynaecology does not have much bedside manners so I am pleased to have a second opinion on the Hysterectomy by keyhole. What is BSGE? I was told that I can't go on HRT as I am having everything removed.... my head is all over the place and trying to be positive and can only be seen in April....... a long wait




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