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Has anyone had endometerisis come back after hysterectomy?


I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago because i had severe endometerosis on my bladder and bowel and scar tissue as well as womb, but the last few months I have had the symptoms come back. Has anyone else had this x

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Hi, yes me although only finally realised it is endometriosis. Had total hysterectomy when I was 32. Had constant pain ever since!! Been fobbed off with drs. Finally went to BSGE centre last year and had mri scan which showed no endometriosis. I still believe I have had. Had crippling period pains last week. You know when something is not right!! Guess the only way is laporoscopy. Not sure if I want to have any more surgeries. I had stage 4, womb was stuck to bladder. It is a long time ago!! Don’t think you ever get rid of it. That’s why it is endometriosis disease. My drs are clueless on the subject. Message me if you want to chat. X

mínє αrє tσ hun. í hαvєn't fєlt ríght fσr mσnthѕ вut thєч kєєp fσввíng mє σff í hαd ѕtαgє 4 єndσmєtєrσѕíѕ σn mч вlαddєr αnd c ѕєctíσn ѕcαr αѕ wєll αѕ mч rєctum hαd mч wσmв rєmσvєd 2 чєαrѕ αgσ αnd í fσught fσr чєαrѕ tσ hαvє ít dσnє hσpíng thαt wσuld hєlp αnd ít díd fσr α whílє вut thє lαѕt ѕíх mσnthѕ í hαvє nσtícєd ѕσmєthíng íѕn't ríght wíth mч вlαddєr αnd ѕtσmαch. чσur ríght wє knσw σut σwn вσdíєѕ αnd wє knσw whєn thíngѕ αrєn't ríght. dσctσrѕ αrє cluєlєѕѕ ít ѕσ much mσrє cσmmσn thαn thєч rєαlíѕє thєч nєєd єducαtíng σn ít. mínє hαd tσ rєѕєαrch whαt ít wαѕ whílє í wαѕ ín thєrє хх

My dr didn’t have a clue what a BSGE centre was. Thank god for this site. You learn so much from it. It’s an awful disease to go through on your own. There is always someone on here to give advice. I know we are not all the same but it certainly helps me. I am in two minds whether to go for a laporoscopy. I have gone private because I wouldn’t get referred to a centre otherwise. It’s a life long condition, well it has been for me. Wishing you all the best. X

Thank you it has been for me to it has cost me my marriage to ruins relationships. I don't know what the BASE centre is x

I only found out last year on this site. Google BSGE centres. They are the experts in endometriosis. X

тнanĸѕ wιll do нυnnι хх

Hi, did you find out about BSGE centres? X

I did hun there is one near me. X

Great. Can you get referred there? I don’t know whether to go for a laporoscopy or not! Really scared. Nothing showed on mri. It’s gotta be endo. The pain is just like really bad period pain. And we all know what that’s like. X

I have had a laprocosy they are good as they can get the diagnosis you need. I have already been referred there before xx

Also wanted to add that my endo showed up as very mild on my mri and yet when I had a lap I was diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis.

Hi how are you now? X

Thank you for posting this as I’m due to have a hysterectomy as I too have stage 4 endo and also ando but I also have lots of bowel issues and I’m Convinced If I go through the whole hysterectomy route that I still may have the endo - Yet both my gp and gynea can’t offer me any other solution. I do not think there is any guarantees with endo and then after the hysterectomy there is the joy of the menopause.

I truly believe this condition can totally effect every part of your life regardless how positive you are and I’m So very grateful for so many things including this site. X

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