had the hysterectomy monday

well i had the hysterectomy monday,and they had to remove part of my bladder,i have to have catherter for 10 days to let bladder heal,then i go back next fri for x ray on bladder hopefully have catherter removed,then get results of biopsy.i thought i would be in at least 5 days but had the op monday 8.30 am and was discharged 2pm tues.

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  • I find it astonishing that they had you whipped put of the hospital bed within 24 hours. My mother had a similar op in the 70s and was in hospital for a month!! Here's to a good recovery. Take one day at time at this stage. Healing thoughts are sent your way...

  • Hi Sonya I had exactly the same op as you on a Friday evening before Christmas and I got discharged on the Monday morning. Originally my catheter was supposed to be in for ten days as well but they said I could have it out after a week so I went for the x ray and all was fine but the next day I got really sick and had to be re admitted for another week. They think they took the catheter out too early and it caused an infection. I had what they call a paralytic bowel!! I ending up keeping the catheter which was then refitted for another 3 weeks. Don't want to scare you but keep the catheter in as long as you can as a week was obviously too short (in fact it was only six days!!) I had a nodule of endo in my bladder was assume was what you had?

    Out of interest did you have your ovaries removed as well? Good luck xx

  • it's a sad fact that nowadays it's all about how fast they can turn around the beds, and it's pretty much across all departments - make sure you rest up, a hysterectomy is a massive op - my sister had hers a couple of years ago, and about 8 months after she went out and started cutting the grass, felt her tummy pull a bit, and then realised she had a bleed - she forgot no major heavy lifting type stuff for 12 months, she felt so well but you have to remember that although you have no outward scar (she didn;t anyway) that it still has to heal inside - you take care and be extra careful at least the first 6 weeks xxx

  • hi thanks for the messages,yes i kept my ovaries,they said they did bladder biopsy as they removed the nodule from bladder,i jst hope it was definately endeometriosis,had to phone didtrict nurse today ad alll night had no urine go in catherter bag,when i walked downstairs it just all gushed out,i hate this bloody bag,but i know it will be worth it.you all take care from sonya

  • You were discharged so quickly as you kept your ovaries, according to gyneis this type of hysterectomy is minimal invasive surgery, low risk so no need to occupy a hospital bed. !! And u only need 6 wks off work. even if you went private the most you stay in 3 nights. I had hyst with complications 4and half hour op and was kept in for 5 nights,longest stay patient on the ward. Trouble is because everything is now done as non invasive surgery others view what you have gone thro as minimal

  • this is the trouble like you say - if a hysterectomy is done vaginally it is classed as minimal! just because there is no outward scar you still have the same healing process to go through inwardly, which is why no strenous lifting for 12 months x

  • well diane,thanks for that info,the surgery feel pretty invasive to me,

  • How exactly was your hyst performed? Did you have key-hole surgery or vaginal surgery? I had my hysterectomy in 2009 and stayed in for at least 5 days, due to having major surgery, i.e large cut in my belly, not key-hole. The smaller the incision, the less time you are kept in. If you had a laparotomy there is no way they would have discharged you so soon, as you would have been on a pain pump and unable to move. They only get you out of bed on day 2 of your surgery!!!! So I am guessing that you didn't have a laparotomy!!!! I have had two lots of major surgery and know they never send you home so quickly. If you did have a laparotomy then I am amazed you could walk, let alone leave hospital so quickly. Did they leave your ovaries? If so, it's a shame. If you are going for a hysterectomy for endo, ovaries and cervix should always be removed as well. No point in removing the womb, when the ovaries are the problem. Endo LOVES oestrogen. Leave the ovaries you leave the food source for more endo to form. Endo is not in the womb. It's outside it. Most gynaes should KNOW this by now. It is really sad that they continue to leave the ovaries in tact, when they're the issue in the first place. Sorry I don't mean to scaremonger and don't mean to offend I am just stating the obvious.

    I had my ovaries removed and did get better for a while. but a soon as I was on HRT all of my symptoms came back and they've never truly gone. Bloody oestrogen. Bloody HRT. So you see...I am just stating facts. I have lived with this since I was 24 and I am about to be 43! Should know what I'm talking about by now.

    best of luck for the future.

    N x

  • hi nella,no they couldnt do keyhole because i had the hysterectomy in the 1st place because there was a lump showing between my womb and bladder,and they said they couldnt get to the lump safely to do a biopsy without doing hysterectomy.when they done the hysterectomy the lump had pushed through the bladder wall ,so i had part of the bladder removed.i was on morphine dripbut they disconnected this 24 hrs after the op,,thanks for all the info and i hope you are not in too much pain x you take care xx

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