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Excercise & Endo

Hi guys. Just after some advice. Diagnosed with endo in October and it was found quite deep around my pelvis and Uterosacral Ligaments. I also had the Mirena coil fitted at the same time as the lap. I have been keeping a log and basically whenever I do excercise or have a busy day, I experience bad pain (back, pelvis and legs). Does anyone else have this? If so did it get better or am I stuck with this now? Used to excercise everyday so I really hope this isn’t how it’s got to be!!

Thanks x

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I have this, too. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo after my first lap exactly one month ago. About 3 months prior, they found a 10 cm endometrioma on my right ovary and immediately took me off exercise. What my gyn & I figured out was that exercise would worsen my pelvic pain both because my uterus/ovaries were stuck to my pelvis AND because it would cause my ovary & endometrioma to twist. I'm afraid I don't have any advice to share quite yet because I haven't exercised since my lap, but I'll reach back out if I find out anything new that I think might be able to help you too. In the meantime, I hope it feels a bit better to know you aren't alone.


Thank you for your reply. I will speak to my gyn about this too. Good luck x


Hi, I’ve had the same thing. I found that the Mirena takes several months to settle so it may continue to improve for you. I certainly got to the point where I could exercise again without it triggering pain but I think that was more like six months in.


Thank you. Did it also make you bleed when you excercise? X


A little occasionally, but I think some women get it quite a lot.

At one point I felt concerned and had a transvaginal ultrasound to check it was correctly positioned. I found that very reassuring. Might be worth discussing with your GP.


Good morning

I am in the same situation: leading up to the surgery increased abdominal pain and fatigue with exercise so I tried different types of stroke swimming and that helps due to the bouyancy. I'd recommend trying that if you haven't already? I had deep pelvic pain, left hip numbess with left leg symptoms and on/off back pain. As well as bowel symptoms.

For me: had histoscopy as well as laparoscopy. They found my left ovary had stuck to my pelvic wall and some non malignant tumours on surgery. One in my right ovary too. I was fitted with the mirena as a precaution as they originally thought the right ovary was cancerous on scan - thankfully not. The first month after being fitted with the mirena - extreme irregular mood swings and patchy bleeding. I'd say the leg symptoms are on/off still 1 1/2 years later. I had left hip numbess which has stayed and feels worse with menstruation then settles. The back pain comes and goes.

Trying to keep positive and focusing on other things is helpful. Walking is good if you can't do anything else, to stop adhesions.

The mirena worked well for me but it took 6 months I'd say before I felt my mood was normal again. For me the alternative would be much worse as I suspect I'm high risk of further endo/ando/ovarian cancer.

I am a very fit 45 year old. I used to run 8-10k 4 times a week 5 years ago. It's been very hard to accept that I can't do that anymore but the sooner one comes to terms with what one can/can't do the better 😊 I do think I've had a grieving process since I was diagnosed as it came as such a shock two years ago despite having had the symptoms my whole life and I feel emotionally one can come through the other side.

My exercise mix: cycling (can do if not large cysts in my case) and means exercising outdoors 👍🏻; cross trainer in gym (same), includes hip abductor weights and balance work on a wobble board to help my left hip. Swimming remains a constant throughout and I'm able to use large tampons. I don't when heavy bleeding.

Some symptoms may stay, some may go. Def wait and see!

Good luck 😊


Thanks so much. I am going to try swimming tomorrow. Still struggling 4 months on but taking it day by day. Good luck with your journey, stay positive xx

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Thank you, how did you get on with the swimming?xx


I’m three months into the coil, it has settled loads, but now I’ve read your post I do wonder if the left hip pain I’ve been experiencing after exercise is related. I just thought I’ve tweaked a muscle running or at gym? I swim and find that fine! Will mention to my gynaecologist when I see her next month.

However it won’t stop me exercising I need that to deal with the other symptoms anxiety and depression!

Good luck x

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