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My first lap tomorrow. Any tips?


Hi everyone, 

I have my first lap tomorrow to check for endo. I'm wondering if those of you who have had a lap could share some advice on tips on what to bring/wear/eat etc. My surgery won't be until the evening so I can have a light breakfast before 11Am. 

Also, I'm quite nervous about the general anesthetic...

How long does it take to go to sleep? 

How long does it take to wake up from the anesthetic? 

How long will I be in the recovery room for before going back to the ward? 

Thanks so much 

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Hi good luck for tomorrow . I think everyone is differnt for going to sleep and waking up and recovery Hun but I know I found big knickers and joggers a god send as they never cut into the cuts my first lap my undies cut in to my cuts so mum went out and got me some big ones and they where so much better lol xx 

Wear some loose clothing - leggings etc, your stomach will be inflated with gas so putting jeans on might prove difficult! Take a cushion with you for the journey back home, use it to support your tummy. 

With regards to how long it will take you to sleep - I only remember getting the drug in cannula, someone put a mask on my face and I was out, I vaguely remember waking up. After I stayed in recovery room until I woke up and then they transferred me to the ward.

Good luck for tomorrow! 

Hi I really wish you all the best in your lap, I recommend you to read this article

Also try to have clothes that's not going to stress on your tummy even for you when getting back home, jeans really hurts, I am now three weeks since my lap and till now find difficulties to wear it!

Good luck for tomorrow I had mine done 3 months ago. Comfy clothing is a must and I suggest bringing a pair of cotton big knickers. 

Peppermint tea was a god send for the bloating and ginger teas for when you come around as sometimes the general can make you feel a little queasy. 

Something they don't warn you enough about and it's not the nicest to mention is the general causes constipation!!! I would suggest prunes and prune juice and even a fibre sachet daily and plenty of fluids! 

It takes seconds to go under they mentioned something about your going to feel like you have had a very large Gin&Tonic and I said oh lovely, the next thing I remember was waking up in my room.

All the best FatCat90 x

Thanks everyone for all your replies they have really helped. I just can't wait now for it to be over with haha 

Hi there, I had mine 4 weeks ago today! Here's what I would advise to take:

Dressing gown


Comfy stretchy bottoms for way home 

Headphones and music

A sweet drink for after (ribena etc) as it helped when I felt a bit sick after

Thick sanitary pads (the hospital ones I found were scratchy so preferred my own)

A cushion for way home 

A friend!

Also - pack an overnight bag just incase with super comfy pjs, big knickers, sanitary towels, wash stuff, snacks, phone charger etc - I ended up staying in so best to know you'll have everything ready

Have extra dressings, pain meds, lots of comfort food at the ready. Maybe even pre cook some meals and freeze if you won't have someone there to help.

As for the op itself, this was my second lap but I was super nervous the first time. The staff there will make you feel so much better and explain your fears and worries to them (no matter how small you think they are). You'll be taken into a room, get on the bed, they'll put a drip thingy in your arm and you'll be asleep v soon after. When I came to, I felt like I'd literally just closed my eyes so in my drugged up state had to ask the nurse if they had done the surgery yet as I felt like it had been about 30 seconds haha! When you are awake they will get you to have a drink and maybe a biscuit or toast or something. Recovery differs for everyone but just take it in your own pace.

Most importantly take your time. If you feel better, then give yourself more time then you think. The worst thing for me and most unexpected was shoulder pain from the gas during surgery. My best advice for this is when you sit up/lay down do it very slowly so the gas doesn't rush about. Drink warm water with peppermint ideally. Have hot water bottle on your shoulder and maybe a massage from a friend on your shoulders - it will pass and not everyone has it too bad.

You'll be suprised at how strong you are and you'll come out feeling so much better then you do now. Best of luck!!!

Thanks everyone for your advice. In hospital now. They found no Endo, but found I had a very distended bowel which is likely causing my symptoms. At least I have some sort of answers. 

Thanks again, hope everyone whose had a lap recently are recovering well ☺️

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