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Lap tomorrow! Can’t stop panicking

I finally have my lap tomorrow and it doesn’t help that it’s snowing here making me even more anxious!

I’ve been told to get there at half 11 and my surgery will be between 1.30 and 5pm which I find a bit odd is it like that with everyone? I thought I’d have a set time I’m just dreading the long waits on an empty stomach

They said they just want me dropped off and then picked up, so no one can even be with me during any of it, and want me to go home two hours after surgery. Two hours just seems very little time after a surgery to get sent home, my mum will kill me if I puke in her Audi haha

I feel like this process they’re doing is very rushed, I’m 19 and I’m a very anxious person and I’m anaemic as well which will make me feel just shite on that day anyway. I just can’t stop crying and panicking I’ve never had anaesthetic before. I’ve read so many lap stories and none of them have a time limit they need to be sent home, and they all have their other half’s or family by their side most of the time

My emotions are just all over the place 😩

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Bless u. OK I am the same with panicking so please just take someone with you if it helps. I had my husband with me until I went to theatre and he was waiting at the ward after. The hospital wouldn't routinely do this but because I was insistant they allowed him. In the long run it's better for them to have a calmer patient.

I was also an afternoon slot but had to stay one night as they did quite alot of surgery on me.

Try not to panic and let the anaesthetic do it's thing... I've had a few operations and the calmer you go under the better it is in recovery. You just feel abit drunk/light headed and the next thing you will know you will be in recovery. Any questions I may be able to answer to help you please just ask but I'm sure it will all be fine xx


My boyfriends dropping me off I don’t think he even wants to wait for so long he’d rather be home doing other things I don’t blame him I could be having my surgery latest 5. My older brother has just come in my room and pissed me right off, I’m so emotionally vulnerable at the minute now I’m just crying in bed like an idiot I just can’t stop. I have so much I need to do today as well ugh I am such a baby!

I kinda hope i will somehow need to stay the night as I usually lose my appetite a lot and struggle taking tablets anyway so would just rather have pain killers and nutrients through a drip, but it’s my boyfriends birthday the day after as well and I just feel awful like I’m ruining it because he has to look after me the next 24 hours. I’m trying to sort everything so he doesn’t have to help me so much

Do they offer any like calming/sedation things ?I just know I’m gonna be a mess tomorrow my mind is my worst enemy. I’m just so scared they won’t even find endo so many people think I’m lazy and it’s all in my head really x


Don't be harsh on yourself if your boyf is caring he won't mind that it's his bday.... he will care more about u.

You could ask for something to calm you down I think there is something they may be able to offer but not sure.

Hope it all goes well x

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Hey yeah the time thing is totally normal. They say it as a guide line although they will have a list of the order of patients they say this because things can change like an emergency etc. When you arrive tomorrow ask them either where you are on the list and what time they’re expecting you to go down. If you find out where you are on the list you’ll have a good idea of about what time you’ll be going down anyway. Don’t worry about waiting on an empty stomach chances are you won’t be thinking about that when you’re there

When I found out that I couldn’t have anyone with me I totally freaked out. I don’t know if this will be the same in your case I guess it depends on who you have looking after you on the day but when i was sat in the day admissions waiting area with my partner and Mum I did get upset especially when I was called in and it came to the ‘saying goodbye’ part and my partner just asked if there was any chance he could come in and wait with me. She said no at first but when she saw how upset and nervous I was she asked me if I was very anxious and I obviously said yes so she let him come through with me. When they say 2 hours after surgery they use this as a guideline. I came round in recovery at like half 10 yet didn’t leave until around 6pm! It completely depends on how you are after surgery - how much pain you’re in and if you’re sickly. They say you have to eat, drink and have a wee before you’re allowed home so don’t go before you’ve done all of this even if you want to just rush out which I did at my first lap. If you are being sick or even feel sick they will give you something to help and they won’t let you go if you’re throwing up. I was given the option to stay the night they said if I didn’t feel like I could go home I didn’t have to so hopefully that reassures you

Judging by how nervous you seem to be I think it will be obvious to the nurses tomorrow and honestly by the sounds of it I think they will let you have someone with you. What hospital are you going to? Don’t worry about the anaesthetic they know what they’re doing you’re in safe hands. If you want to know more please feel free to message me and I can let you know my experience of going to sleep if that will make you feel more comfortable and worry less. Please don’t worry too much - I know easier said than done but I was like you and freaking out but honestly you don’t need to worry. Everything is just a guideline and they won’t let you go home if you’re not ready and if you tell them how scared you are I’m sure your mum would be allowed to stay with you. Good luck xx

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Thank you this makes me feel so much better, I just feel bad for my boyfriend if he has to wait so long with me. I’m going to Wrexham Maelor and they said the ward is very small which is why they don’t allow people to wait with you. I would love to know your anesthetic story that’s what I’m dreading the most. And cannulas at hospitals terrify me now. When I first went hospital in June with my pain they put me on a drip in the middle of my arm and didn’t check up on me. I didn’t know any better never having been on a drip before, but it wasn’t going in my vein it was going under my skin it looked awful and was agonising I had half the bag of glucose water I think it was under my skin and it took over a week to disappear. And they bruised my other arm with it as well, so I felt useless barely able to use my arms. I’ve been looking forward to this lap for so long but now it’s almost time for it I just wanna run away from it but if it proves to people I’m not lazy when they hopefully find endo then I’m just gonna have to grin and bear it and have it done xx


Hello lovely. The time slots are very normal. You are basically on the afternoon list and they don’t give you a specific time because things can change on the day, the order of patients changes or things taking longer or less time than planned.

I was super nervous too but just got dropped off and picked up after. I’m a very anxious person but actually found it ok. The nurses on the ward were really nice and between getting ready, the surgeon coming to see you, the anaesthetist coming to see you - time does pass quickly. I recommend taking a book or iPod to keep you distracted.

I also had the same worries after having a cannula placed incorrectly previously and having my arm fill up with contrast dye! I spoke to the anaesthetist about it when he came round and he was really good about it and reassured me.

I think I was in for a couple of hours after before going home. It’s basically once you are up and about, can pass urine and eat something. They like you out of bed quite soon as laying still doesn’t help recovery. If they are concerned at all they will keep you in, but otherwise they like you home as it’s the best place (and trust me your own bed is much better than a hospital bed!)

Hope all goes well xx


Thank you for your lovely reply

I’ve treated myself to a new book I’ve been wanting to read for ages on my kindle to keep me busy whilst waiting

Will they tell the person I’m with what they found or will I have to wait till post op to find out what they found? I’m scared I’m gonna be left with unanswered questions for a few weeks I just want to know everything x


Ahh good idea.

My surgeon came round when I was in recovery and briefly said they found endo, then came to the ward a little later to go through pics and findings. All I will say is either write it down or see if whoever is picking you up can be around at this time, because I was still out of it and struggled to remember anything afterwards!

I have seen a few on here who aren’t told much though so I think every surgeon is different.


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