Can't sleep lap tomorrow growing frustrated

I know it's silly got my second lap tomorrow and I just can't sleep its at half 7 in the morning too and it's 12 now I'm worried they won't find anything they found a lot of endo stage 4 the first time and I've still been in pain since admitted less but enough to make life uncomfortable always left side in the same place my specialist kept changing his mind what he thought the pain could be first he said it could be some left on my bowel as it was very bad on my bowel then he said he thought it was medication so he told me off that it made me worse so he put me back on it then he said I'm on the IBS scale because the endp diet helps (surely it would help if you have it on your bowel) then he said that my implant wasn't working with cerezette now he is just opening me up. How bloody frustrating will I ever get to just normal or live a relatively normal life? Sorry for rant sometimes you just need to know your not the only one xx

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  • hi i feel for you im going in for my 1st lap and am really scared because my gyno said she dosnt think it is emdo she thinks its to do with my bowls but i know its not tem because i have most of the symptoms for emdo, i hope everything gose well for you to moro and hopfuly they get it sorted for you xx

  • Thanks for replying you can have both though I've had issues with bowels because it's on my bowels too. Xx

  • I hope all goes well with your lap and hopefully you got some sleep

  • Hi you will be ok just try your best to keep calm. I had my 2nd lap end Nov for stage 4 removal and it's the best thing I've had done. Keep positive it will be worth it in the end. Good luck hope all goes well

  • Hey, how you're feeling is totally normal it's just the pre op nerves! The adrenaline helps you cope. Know you're doing everything to tackle this. Like any autoimmune issue (most likely) it's a matter of management. Sometimes you'll go up to 5 years without symptoms and then may have to redress things, sometimes it's months. The main thing is keep persevering and keep on top of it.

    Hope you got more sleep and are well rested for today, if not don't worry - you know you'll be making up for it sleeping a lot in recovery! It will be over before you know it. Wishing you a good recovery and successful outcome xx

  • Hi good luck with the op today. I too am going in next Monday for 2nd lap. Due to pain on my left side. I feel exactly the same. So worried they won't find anything as only had my 1st lap in may last year. Let me know how you get on with yours. Hopefully you will start to feel a lot better xx

  • Hi, good luck, hope everything goes well for you.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.


  • Just wanted people to know thank you for their comments I've just had my lap and between my last lap in August to now my ends has come back. I didn't even know it could come back that soon. Very tierd by recovering staying in over night thank you all for last night xx

  • Glad it went well hun. Scary how quickly it can come back. Dreading mine next week. But will be happy to get rid of this pain xx

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