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Lap Tomorrow

As the title suggests, I have my first lap tomorrow.

I've got big pants, leggings, baggy top and sanitary towels ready in a bag, as well as a book for the wait in the morning.

Is there anything else I've not thought of that I can take?

Also did everyone find out what was discovered after the op? As in will I be told once I'm awake the extent of what was found? I'm not sure I could bare waiting any longer to find out what's going on.

The last 3 days I'm been in so much pain (think I'm ovulating) so I'm really pleased the lap is finally here. The self doubt I experience on a rare couple of days with low/no pain has been wiped completely with how unwell I've felt.

I've told work I should be off 2 weeks, but luckily have sorted a set up at home to work from home so I'm hoping I can get back working a week after. Do you think this is realistic?

How long did people find they had to stop driving for? I've got school runs sorted next week but will have to do them the week after.

Any advice is welcome x

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Following your post!

I’ve got my lap next Monday so would like to read other peoples experiences!

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I had a laparoscopy to remove an ectopic pregnancy last year so it's obviously a slightly different situation.

However, in terms of physical recovery times, I went back to work a week after the op and I'm a teacher (I must've been crazy) so I'd have thought working from home shouldn't be a problem. I was able to drive 5 days after surgery. They advised that I shouldn't drive until I felt safe to do an emergency stop, but most of the pain had eased after 5/6 days.

They came and spoke to me after surgery and showed me pictures. I was also diagnosed with endometriosis at the same time, which the consultant told me when they spoke to me. I would recommend trying to make sure someone is with you if they talk to you after surgery. I was completely out of it and they told me loads of information that I didn't take in.

Hope this helps a little.

I hope it all goes well tomorrow. Good luck!


I would love someone to be with me but not allowed I'm afraid. My other half is only allowed to come and collect me once I'm ready to leave. I'm worried I'll be so out of it I won't process much of what they say 😬

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I would say just make sure you ask lots of questions then if you have any. Presumably you will have some sort of follow up appt. anyway so you'll be able to ask questions then. I still haven't got answers because I just got discharged with no follow up and have to go back through my gp to get anywhere.

I'm sure it'll all be ok and you'll get the answers you need.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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As you’ve got kids it might be worth explaining to them that they can’t touch your tummy and you might not be able to give them as big of a hug as you’d usually give, you should be fine driving next week, but check with your doctor, only other thing I can suggest is start drinking peppermint tea now and drink it after your surgery to help with the wind pains, good luck!! X


Take a phone charger into hospital in case you are in longer than you expect!

Good luck x


Good luck please let me know how you get on. I hope it all goes well and your recovery is fast. I don't have my lap till the 8 the of feb. I did put a post on here a few days ago asking for advice for the lap and recovery. Have a look there are lots of tips from other women on there . Good luck take care x


Had my lap on Saturday - diagnostic but it turns out I do have endo so they treated it too. I wasn't allowed anyone in with me the whole day either so my husband waited in reception - felt a bit emotional about this at first but it was fine as the nurses were very nice and at least I had my phone to message people. I am taking at least a week off and maybe a few more days seeing how things go - I am a teacher and have to carry lots of books etc. The surgeon came in to see me literally about 15 mins after I woke up to talk to me but I asked the nurse when I was being discharged much later on to go through the operation notes and photos with me so I could confirm what I thought I remembered the surgeon saying. I took a photo of the photo of them treating the endo I guess as proof to myself that I have not been making all this pain up for the past year :) you will be absolutely fine, good luck xxx

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Hi, I am 4 weeks post op today! Only started driving last week when the doc removed my stitches! And the doc signed me off last week for two weeks. I was surprised how much it wiped me out! The bruising is just about disappeared!

Don’t compare everyone’s body heals differently, you just have to listen to your body!

My consultant came and seen me in recovery but then also came and seen me on the ward as well! He is a lovely guy!

Good luck and take care.

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