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Hip pain

Anyone else suffer with pain in their hip? It now hurts to lie on my left hip and I suffer with numbness and pins & needles. It also hurts when I get up and down. I’ve had endo since I was 14 (now 42). Didn’t get diagnosed until I was 30 by which time the endo & adenomyosis have done a lot of damage. I’ve had 2 laps to excise the endo, various drugs over the years and am now on daily Tramadol & contraceptive pill. This bloody hip pain is really bothering me and wondered if perhaps it could be that my endo has now done even more damage! Thoughts ladies?

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Like you I get sore hips and have to constantly turn over through the night. I get pins and needles too in my hands and arms. This year it's started hurting everytime I get up and walk, feeling like a flipping cowboy by the way I walk sometimes! I also find I can't sit for periods of time as that kicks off the pelvic pain too. I'm 46 now and have suffered for 10 years, it totally takes over your life.


Yes I do. Same symptoms as well. Hurts when I walk. Maybe it’s due to laps. It only hurts one side with me x


I developed this in my legs after my RV endo excision. I believe it's due to nerve pain. I use a u cushion which does stop the pins and needles in my legs. The hip pains been more gradual and it gives out on me when I get up. No idea why.


It's either the bowel or the sacral nerve in the back. Reflecting Pain.


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