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Hip pain as a symptom of endo?

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I have a diagnostic laparoscopy scheduled for two weeks time to see if my symptoms are endo related. I’ve seen most of the symptoms talked about by other people but one that I haven’t seen here is hip pain.. I get really intense, stabbing type pain very low in my abdomen/ in my hip and was wondering if any one has experience of this? I’ve also had a couple of episodes where I’ve woken up with really bad leg weakness. No numbness and I had an mri at hospital to rule out spinal issues which came back clear. I’ve read abit about endo causing issues with nerves around the legs etc so does anyone have any experience with this? Could this be endometriosis?

Thank you :)

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Hey MermaidMeg,

I am currently hoping to get a diagnosis soon myself, I also get really sharp stabbing pains in my lower belly/hips area as well as really sore sensations down both my legs, makes them feel so heavy and weak, I have have read a few people online say this too so I do think it is something related to endo.

Hope your lap gets you the answers you are looking forward, keep us updated, good luck.



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MermaidMeg in reply to Eveq

Thank you Eveq!

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EndoSuckss in reply to Eveq

I get this too!!!! My legs feel like they weigh so much and weak quite often!

I've just been referred to a gynaecologist for suspected endo and get sharp pains around my hips too. Hope the lap goes well!

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MermaidMeg in reply to pygmypuff

Thank you!

I have the same problem. Left hip used to kill me and now it’s the rip hip after I got the coil fitted. In my case I was told it’s not endo or cyst related. It’s to do with my nerves or hip inflammation from a MRI I did. I’ve been referred to some specialist hospital in London and have been waiting for 10 months now or so from it. I’ve only got mild endo which I got diagnosed with from a lap in June. But Last year I had to use crutches to walk for a year due the pain in my left hip and leg

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MermaidMeg in reply to Yas45

Sorry to hear about your pain :( Thank you for sharing though!

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pcalu in reply to Yas45

Hi hope you get seen soon. I have bad pain in my right hip and seems to be worse since I had the coil fitted. I have leg, knee and lower back pain too which gets referred too as age related pains which is a joke. I have had endometriosis for 12 years as well as ibs, pelvic congestion syndrome and fibroids. I am used to stomach pains but now seems to be spreading about.

Oh man. I can’t bend, turn or twist during menses or after sex. I’m pretty sure I have frozen pelvis. I can’t walk sometimes during my period. And I get pain that shoots down my right leg all the time. Def from endo.

I have severe degenerative disc disease and had steroid epidural. When I realized it took away my spine pain but not my deep “hip” pain as I described it, I soon understood what endo could really do. I haven’t had lap yet but based on physical exam my ligaments are all tied up and my uterus is pulled to the left.

You’re not alone. I hope they can excise some stuff and give you relief. ❤️xx

Thank you for sharing your experience! It’s so frustrating not having an answer yet

Definitely. I have hip pain. In fact problem with my left hip was one of the first symptoms that was outside the normal "it's just a heavy period/bad ovulation". Good luck with everything x

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MermaidMeg in reply to MollyBe

Thank you MollyBe!

I’ve had a couple of laparoscopies this year and the second was to treat a very inflamed hyrdosalpinx Fallopian tube on my right hand side. I was getting pain all around my right hip/lower back and all down my right thigh. They have clipped my tube to prepare me for IVF and the pain has improved a little too. It usually still hurts if I get a flare up. I still have endometriosis on the bowel which causes pain and symptoms, but things have improved since my ops. Sometimes things trigger the pain like alcohol and dairy. So have been following an anti inflammatory diet which I think has helped also.

I really hope that your op goes well. Did they say that they would remove/excise endo lesions if they were found? It’s horrible being in pain and not knowing why, so I hope they give you some answers. I had dye tests done through my tubes too to see if everything was working from a fertility perspective. Best of luck and this page is great to get support and advice xxx

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MermaidMeg in reply to Roobs33

Thank you for sharing! They haven’t said if they will excise anything but I get to speak to the surgeon before hand so fingers crossed.. Yeah this page is amazing! I only found it a few weeks ago but it’s been great reading other people stories!

Sorry to hear about what you’re going through.

I was actually woken up by right-hip pain last night at 3am and I’ve been awake ever since. It comes and goes and I used to get it in the left hip.

It can feel like a dull bone ache in the joint or a sharp and stabbing pain. It is often nerve related. If you’re on any estrogen suppressant medications they could be a factor because estrogen helps with inflammation, so any area prone to pain and inflammation can worsen.

I hope you the laparoscopy gives you some answers and you get treatment that helps the pain.

All the best to you.


Thank you Alex! Sorry to hear about your pain but thank you for sharing x

Hi MermaidMeg,

This was actually my worst symptom out of them all and no one else seemed to suffer it. My consultant laughed when I told him and said it wasn’t endo causing it but my legs would be so heavy and numb that walking was a real graft at times.

I’d then get the stabbing pain in my hip (half inch away from the bone) that would cripple me to the point I couldn’t stand or walk.

The good news is as soon as I was recovered from my lap (where endo was surgecically removed), the leg/hip pain turned off like a switch.

Good luck with your lap!

A x

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MermaidMeg in reply to Amiepip

Wow I’m so sorry to hear your bad experience :( Thank you for sharing x

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Lilyjack in reply to Amiepip

I too have this. I know for a fact it’s got something to do with endo as it is worse during menses/flare up so just because it is not in their books they’re adamant it’s not possible. Just another failure of our medical system not doing enough research in to the condition.

Some days it is totally debilitating but they don’t want to listen to anyone actually living the pain.

I’m delaying a hysterectomy and excision due to family issues but if my legs and hips get any worse (sometimes walking and driving is intolerable) I may actually just have to bite the proverbial bullet

Hi AmieYours sounds like a case of Endometriosis being removed in the pelvic area and deep pelvic spaces ,off and around nerves.

I wonder was your Surgeon skilled in removing Endometriosis off the pelvic nerves (Neuropelveology?)

They sure seem like they did an excellent job.

Hi Meg, I had this about a year ago - I thought I’d incurred some sort of injury as my hip was so painful, when I moved, when I was still. And then I felt a bump in my groin / hip area. I went to see a physio and a hip orthopaedic specialist. None of the physio helped (and they had no idea what the bump was) and the hip specialist said the bump wouldn’t be linked to my hip joint as you wouldn’t be able to feel it. He suspected it was my endometriosis causing inflammation in the area and pushing on the nerves that run down your hip area. I spoke to my gynae and my cervix is slightly to the right, the cysts I had where kind of edged to that side and she said it was possible they were pushing against the nerves, plus causing the glands in my groin area to inflame and cause further pressure. I had my (third) surgery about 6 months after all this and the pain has gone. They removed the cysts, had a bowel resection and general excision of endo. It was quite full on but I do think it relieved the pressure on my hip. Hope this helps and you’re reassured it’s not all in your head! X

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MermaidMeg in reply to MMich15

Thank you for sharing! I have the same bump! No ones been able to tell me what it could be yet other than swelling from an infection but any tests for an infection came back clear. That’s good to hear you’re better after the surgery. Thank you 🙏🏻

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MMich15 in reply to MermaidMeg

Oh gosh the amount of times I heard it’s nothing, we don’t know what it is, it’s normal… I had an ultrasound of the area and the technician didn’t even scan over the bump but said yes the lymph nodes are swollen but it’s fine. If something is swollen it’s a sign something isn’t right. Even the gynaecologist was scared to say it could be endo related, because “tampering” with any nerves is extremely risky. But I don’t think they understand we’re just looking for acknowledgement that what we’re feeling is real and that it is an issue, not an amputation! Wish you the best of luck getting some relief from this soon x


Yess I get this. My pain actually started in my right side, hip area… It was due to a cyst. But yeah it was really intense and stabbing like pain which would cause numbness down my legs as well.

I’ve had my lap op and they found endo behind my uterus and cysts on my tubes

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MermaidMeg in reply to Hayayaya

Thank you for sharing! Did they remove the cysts and Endo when you had your lap?

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Hayayaya in reply to MermaidMeg

Yes they removed the cysts and the endo however I’ve still got all the endo pain I used to feel pre op… I’ve heard it can take upto 6 months to settle so just waiting on it

Hi mermaidmeg

I often get sharp pains in my stomach, back and hip pain. I also experience leg and knee pain like I’ve been injured. It comes and goes. I got told off my doctor it is age related muscle pain which is a joke! I’m 47 years old and nothing to do with that. Hope you get the right help and support.

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MermaidMeg in reply to pcalu

Thank you for sharing! So sorry your doctors keep letting you down.

Hi!I have my lap and hysteroscopy next week. I get awful hip pain too. Fingers crossed we get some answers! Good luck 🤞🏻


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MermaidMeg in reply to VinoTinto

Ahh what day is yours? Good luck too!

22nd! Have my pre op today! X

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MermaidMeg in reply to VinoTinto

Nearly twins haha, mines on the 24th!

Ahh not long to wait! Will have another two week wait for my biopsy results but at least the lap results will help in the interim. Good luck!


I had pain on my right leg since I have been diagnosed with endo. Even after the surgery I am still struggle with this pain on the leg.

Good luck and keep strong.

Literally here because im waiting for my booking date and I've started getting a horrifc stabbing pain in my right ovary and hip mainly straight after sex too

Fingers crossed you get some answers soon!

I’m glad you have your lap soon, really hope it’s helpful for you. I also get sharp pains in my hip area, in one very specific spot on my right hand side, but then also deep in what feels like my hip socket can feel very sore and tender, and then I get a stabbing pain right on the front of my hip bone.

Mine feels sort of the same.. like a pain deep within the hip and like someone is stabbing right the way through.

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