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Pre assessment Coloscopy

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So today I had my pre op assessment, the surgeon asked if I would like the coil fitted I said I don’t know, does anyone have the mirena coil fitted ?

Does anyone recommend the coil ?

Any problems after having coil fitted ?

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I’ve heard more bad than good about the coil and my endo specialist advised against it since I’ve had such bad bleeding and cramping.

Some women say it’s a life saver, but the majority I’ve seen have said it caused them more pain and bleeding and emotional swings. I do not have first hand experience as I have a different treatment method, but I’m just letting you know what I’ve seen since some of these with unsuccessful stories from women are my family members.

It is completely up to you on what you want to do as you can always get it removed! It may help, it may not. It tends to be trial and error with hormonal treatment.

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I had the mirena fitted when I had my scope, initially I was spotting for about a month then things have gone back to having regular periods but they are much lighter. For some people their periods stop all together which can help reduce symptoms.

It doesn't seem to make any difference with fatigue, pain or mood for me.

I'd say try it because they can always just take it out if it doesn't agree with your body.

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