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advice needed!

hi ladies. living with endo for many years & getting worse to the point that im spending 3/4 days in bed (& off work) every month in complete agony with heavy bleeding, clotting & bloating. ive just had yet another scan and confirmed my left ovary is stuck to my womb - i knew that from previous scans and 2 laparoscopies years ago although no surgery was offered. my last period i ended up in a&e with a ruptured cyst & this period is unbareable - spent practically 2 days in bath trying to control

pain. i have an appointment with gyne consultant at end of January at which i want to push for another laparoscopy but im afraid i cant wait that long! the pain is just too much and im living in fear of next period & loosing my job. my question is how can i try to get to see the nhs consultant (royal free, london) sooner than the date ive been given??

many thanks : )

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