Help! Coil? Or trycycling

Hi I had a laparocopsy 2 weeks ago and they found endo as well as me having pollycystic ovaries I had a period exsactly a month after which is great for me as I normally misd them the consultant wants me to have a coil fitted but im only 17 and dont want to mess with my periods for 5 years as it wont do my body any good does anyone have any advice? I also went to the docotrs and they told me to try trycycling which is taking a pill for 63 days then having a break I see this as also messing around with myself as ive tried so many pills before and nothing worked would apreciate any advice! X


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  • Hi Soph, I take the pill for 63 days (Loestrin) and then have a break - this helps with my pain a great deal, I've been doing this for three years now. However, saying that, I am still pending my official diagnosis. I would try taking the pill for the 63 days and see how you feel. If it doesn't work for you then you can approach your GP for an alternative xx

  • Thankyou thats what many freinds have told me to do I just feel like I have a lot wrong and messing around with my periods isnt a good idea as they are never regular but since my lap 2 weeks ago I finally had one exsactly one month so should i see what happens next month and then take the pill? Xx

  • I must admit, I'm not quite sure. I have been taking the pill since I was 19 so almost for ten years now - so I can't remember whether I was regular with my periods or not before! :/ I think taking the pill helps your body find its routine again, I know exactly when my period will be - four days after taking my last pill. Is your doctor understanding? Maybe you could have a good discussion with him / her about your concerns? x

  • I had my laparocsopy 2 weeks ago and all he said was I had significant endo and left they say the coil is my best option but surely im a littke young are u having a laparoscopy? Xx

  • I know very little about the coil and I wouldn't want to have it myself, just because I don't like the idea of it - same as the implant, I don't like that idea either! I'm hoping to have a Lap exam, because I would like some definite answers to my problems now. I've had scans and always been told that there aren't any nasties (cysts etc) but there is something, I know there is! They did ask if I had always had a backwards womb as they told me Endo can destroy ligaments - I read on here that a few ladies seem to suffer with that and they have been diagnosed with Endo. Hopefully we'll both get answers / solutions soon xx

  • Yeah push for the lap I just had one done and its nothing to worry about! Xx

  • Thanks Soph, I've never had anesthetic before so that bit worries me x

  • Honest neither did I and in 17 hate needles and always faint I took no one with me i didnt faint at all when they did anastetic u dont feel it and they will put a mask over ur face then ur asleep then once u wake up ur just really tired but honest if I can do it u can! Xx

  • I'll wear my brave girl pants if I have a lap done ;) haha x

  • Haha honest u dont even know about it if someone told me I had to have it done again I wouldnt batter a eyelid its fine u exspect worse but its always best too I faint at just having blood taken so having it done hasproved how brave I actually am! Xx

  • Well done you :) x

  • I tri-cycle my pill, but after my laparoscopy they said its so severe ill need major surgery to correct and will have to start taking 6 sheets of my pill in one go to prevent it getting worse. Endo tissue is fed by oestrogen which is most potent around that time of month. Mine is so bad that all my internal organs have formed into one indistinguishable mass. If theyre telling you to tri-cycle, theyre only trying to help, and it doesnt mess with hormones. The bleed between pill sheets is not a proper period but a withdrawal bleed, and if you dont have regular periods it will help you fall into a routine. Been on the pill since I was 15 and all worked out well, and makes life generally easier to plan! Hope this helps somewhat? X

  • Hi Soph. I tri-cycle the pill and have done so for over 6 years. This works well for me as it means I only have to deal with the full on endo pains 4 times a year. I wasn't keen on the cool personally but I know other ladies on here have it and it works well for them. I think you need to decide what works best for you. I imagine the Dr has suggested these options to reduce the times your bleeding and therefore attempt to reduce the endo pains. Good luck.

  • Thankyou!xx

  • I used to take the pill constantly. I found it was the best way of managing my pain and although I got breakthrough occasionally I could manage it. My doctor said there is no point having a break in your pill because you don't have a "real" period and it's only a withdrawn so causes u no more harm not to have a period. Not sure what the benefit of tri-cycling is?

  • Im the same I dont see the point the pill has never stopped my pain and missing periods isnt going to help them become regular x

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