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help Please advice needed


Can anyone help me please. I had a laparoscopy about 4 weeks ago, endometriosis was diagnosed and removed. First period since and it's just as painful minus the cramps. My husband and I would love a second child but after 2 years trying nothing. He has now been diagnosed with low sperm and we are basically giving up any hope. Has my endetriosis already come back, we have had no advice from doctors since op. So fed up, what will happen long term as bowel movements are so painful every period. Many thanks for your help x x

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Oooo. No, the first periods after surgery are notoriously horrible. You had that wand stuck up your hoo-ha when they did the surgery. They poked and prodded that thing everywhere. So think of your uterus as super bruised, and now it's bleeding out on top of all that bruising. I looked it up after my surgery and it said the pain and swelling can last for about 4-5 months. Unfortunately my endo wasn't all caught, so I still hurt as much as I did before the surgery. I would talk to your gyno in about 2 months just to make sure you are on the right track.

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Thank you that's good advice, unfortunately not all my endo was caught either due to the position of it & the fact we are trying to conceive. I have a follow up appointment with the gyno 3 months after op but I'm not happy with this as i need answers. Been told to go for Ivf but I have to pay so it's all so confusing and I don't want to rush any decisions. X

Sorry you're not feeling so good. Endo will come back after an operation if you don't take hormones. I had an op in May and we've been ttc, no luck and now it looks as if I need another op and fertility treatment.

Knowing what you do about your endo and your husband's factor you need to think carefully about what to do. You might be lucky and get pregnant, this does happen. But your condition may get worse.

You need to get some good advice. If you take the pill back to back or another hormone supressant to stop your periods you gain some pain free time (hopefully) while you consider your options.

I hope this helps. Find the best specialist that you can!

Good luck x

I had similar situation w bowels & was recommended stool softeners (Colace) for life. The Endo might be in your intestinal tract & it makes it difficult to pass bowel, not to mention bleed from there as well. Wish you luck, call your doctor, you shouldn't be in this kind of pain...

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Ah thank you, yes I'm already on these stool softeners called macrogol? These worked but I don't like using them. I only have these awful pains during my period (4 days) but doctors think I'm mad when I tell them!!! X

The endo will come back, but no, not that soon after your op. It builds up again gradually cycle after cycle as it is 'fed' on hormones.

I would definitely say post-lap periods can be painful. Judge it more on your next one as you have been prodded about !

Sex was instantly less painful for me. It all depends on the location of the endo though x

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