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Advice needed please

Hi all.

This post is quite long so sorry in advance. To cut a veeeeery long story short I've got endo, had 2 surgeries, various hormonal treatments and pelvic Botox. My consultant has said he's not prepared to do more surgery unless my quality of life is 'unsatisfactory'. Recently my pain has been very bad, I've been getting sharp pains (normally a dull ache) low down to each side of my pelvis.

I've always wanted children and am worried re the infertility side of endo/risks when pregnant. Over the last month or so I've Become extremely emotional and almost desperate to become pregnant. I feel like something is missing, like I'm a mother without a child. I can't really explain the feeling, it's very bizarre. Im crying a lot, and just seem to have this longing feeling to be pregnant, or that I should be but I'm not. That probably all sounds very odd but Im not sure what to do. Any ideas? Thank you


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There is some big risks being pregnant with Endometriosis. It can be very dangerous, to. But could be the only chance of having children of your own. Only if you can still conceive. But keep in mind you must be more careful, too. The Endometriosis can be tough enough. With or without those problems during pregnancy. Losing a child will rip your heart apart.


I am not sure if I am missing something personal to you but there are no risks or complications to pregnancy from having endometriosis. Adenymosis maybe, but not endo. The only issue with endo and pregnancy is getting pregnant, once you are that's it you have the same risks as someone without endo. Admittedly yes it can be quite painful when baby kicks your endo sites but it doesn't restrict their growth or movement at all.

If your concerns spring from being single then I understand how you feel. Try and find exercise that makes you feel good about yourself, I like Zumba and do whatever you can to keep your life full. That way when you do meet the right man and make your babies you won't feel silly for wasting all that time you had waiting for them. I know it's hard but you can't get that freedom back when you have them xxxx


Thanks for your replies.

I'm not single I've actually been with my boyfriend for 7 years (I'm now 24) and I've always wanted children but he has never been ready (which is fair enough as we are quite young still)

From reading other people's stories and having done some research Ive been under the impression there are elevated risks of miscarriage and preterm birth etc if you have endo?


Ive been told repeatedly my consultants that its not safe for me to get pregnant naturally due to the very high risk of it being ectopic. And therefore have been offered nhs funded ivf. I have very severe endo with continual internal bleeding and although there are fibroids, it has turned into one huge football sized mass containing my bladder, bowels, ovaries and uterus. My body has literally tried to heal itself into a blob. And im only 24. None of it is distinguishable and I need surgery to separate it all out. To say that endometriosis does not effect getting pregnant is a slightly strange statement.


Yeah I've heard there can be lots of complications / risks. I'm sorry to hear you're having so much trouble.

I think I'll book in to see my gp to discuss it. Thanks for your help :)


I had severe endo for many years,several surgeries to clear it away,my bladder,womb and bowels were fused together,which my surgeon called an absolute mess with little chance of having a child,I was due to have ivf and given clomid before and told to keep trying naturally,even though sex was very painful,the clomid worked,I got pregnant straight away,my daughter is now 4 and the. light of my life,doctors don't know everything,life finds a way,keep hope love,it worked for me xx


Pregnancy occurs in the womb, you can't have endometriosis in the womb. Fibroids and adenymosis are a seperate issue that can cause issues but I am not sure. What you're referring to is endometriosis in the Fallopian tubes, there is a dye test that can be performed to see if you are affected by this but typically if you tubes look fine on the outside they are fine on the inside. In your situation it sounds like this isn't an option Carrie and I'm sorry, that's horrible. PCOS gives an increased chance of miscarriage in the first trimester but not endometriosis. There aren't any issues. And I say that after discussions with consultants, endometriosis specialists and Internet research. I am also 24 and I do feel very defensive when the issue of infertility comes up, I know how you feel. I was told I can't have children at 21. I am currently pregnant with my second child and I don't say that to be smug but to show you it can happen. Ablation surgery aside ive had no assistance. Xxx

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