Needing some advice please this is my first post since ive was just a general question i wanted to ask as im abit unsure about some stuff to do with endometriosis..ive got my first gyno appointment next month where they r going to decide what they want to do...but ny question is How did your symptoms start?..did they gradually build up or were they painful from the first moment?...ive been having ussues for about 4 years now..initially it was silly stuff like urine infection symptoms but urine test results wuld come back fine..then it was bladder issues...then pains in my pelvis and now im in pain all month with the pain getting quite bad a week b4 my my dr is assuming i have endo..hence the referral to gyno...but does this sound like endo?? I guess i want to hear that it doesnt lol but id rather hear the truth.... thanks in advance for replying...oh! Ps in the last 4 years ive had 2 babies...a girl in 2012 and boy 2014...pain got alot worse after 2nd pregnancy and it all initially started when i first got pregant in febuary 2012 xx

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  • Hi. There seems to be varying experiences. Some have had pain since they started their periods. My first experience that sent me to GP was Sudden, crippling pains 4 years ago. This happened a few times and gp thought it was IBS. It turned out to be rupturing ovarian cysts. Eventually one grew very large so had it removed which is when they found endo. My main symptoms now are abdominal bloating and severe period pain. I'm one of the lucky ones. Your symptoms can also be symptoms of endo. Good luck

  • Hiya thank you for replying to my do u deal with the bloating? I feel like a week vefore my periods i look pregnant =( =(..the dr just prescribed me Mefanamic Acid for the persiod and pelvic pains..cant tell if its working thou if im honest..

  • My pain built gradually over months and years although I suspect I had it earlier than I knew as I was on the mini pill which controlled my symptoms and stopped my periods. It was only when I came off the pill to try for babies that the symptoms appeared and each month was worse than the last. I don't get pain all month fortunately. I get a few aches and pains through the month but it's only when on my period that it becomes unbearable. I get extreme exhaustion and every fibre of my body feels tender and sore. Last month I thought I had a cold coming as I felt like I'd be hit by a bus. I also have bloating, painful bowel and bladder movements, and pain in my abdomen and up to my shoulders and down through my legs. It feels so uncomfortable in my stomach as if someone is in there pulling at me. I was told I had IBS at the age of 21 and looking back, it may have been endo all the time x

  • Oh that sounds did the dr find out it was endo for u? And have u figured out anyway to deal with the bloating as of yet?...i hate it so much =( =( as much as im trying to lose some weight the bloating makes me look pregnant..

  • I had a diagnostic laparoscopy only a few weeks ago, although the gyni said he thought it was that about a year before I was diagnosed. I had an ultrasound and MRI scan before the lap just to try the non-invasive methods first.

    No idea how to deal with the bloating! I also look pregnant and find that I have to eat less as it's too uncomfortable to eat and drink lots x

  • I had a first symptom at 14 and then odd ones here and there after that. Over the last 3 years my pain gradually got worse and the last 2 years it has been chronic. I got a diagnosis in March. I have bladder issues also, as i have it on bladder but my surgeon said it could be something else, have to see when have 2nd lap.

    Just think that at least you will know the root of the pain and you can go from there, if it is endo.

    Hope it all goes well for you! Xx

  • Yeah in a weird way im glad that maybe...maybe! Theyve finally figured out what is wrong with me and i can finaly put a label on it and start dealing with it like u said..but on the other side im scared..dont know if that makes scared of knowing how bad it can get..

  • Oh of course you'll be scared, I felt the same way, i didnt want it to be that bad outcome but i did so i knew what was wrong with me.

    Anything to do with health scares everyone, you'll get through this each step at a time, you'll go crazy if you think of every scenario, i did and still do!

    Its all very daunting but you'll find dime relief soon, good luck! Xx

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