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Anxiety and endo relationships

Hey guys, so I was diagnosed with endo and had my lap back in September, unfortunately my pain has worsened and after developing a few more symptoms my anxiety got worse and worse. I just started seeing someone before the surgery who was supportive. Since then, I’ve been struggling to commit to plans due to bowel and nausea problems and my panic levels have rocketed as a result. so I’m decided to go see a doctor as I want to speak to a therapist. However unfortunately the guy who I was seeing has said he can’t understand my mind the way it works and that I never want to do anything, he is usually supportive but his mind is very different to mine and he wouldn’t relate to anxiety much. He decided to call it a day and I just can’t help but wonder if it’s my anxiety that has pushed away someone/ something bad and I’m blaming my condition too. I feel like half the person I used to be and was open to the fact I’m emotionally battling at the minute. Would love to hear your guys experiences with anything similar, this can be very isolating and make you feel alone

Thanks ☺️

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The boys I’ve dated in the past never understood my problems. I have anxiety, depression, PTSD as well as endo and such. They at first say they understand and are supportive but when the problem persists they don’t understand how it isn’t just magically all better. Those guys aren’t worth the time and energy.

I currently have a loving, supportive, and caring significant other. He understands and never dismisses my problems and never is annoyed or confused by them. Perhaps it is because he understands emotional pain as he also has depression and anxiety.

You are DEFINITELY not alone in this, and trust me, it is NOT your fault at all!!! It took me a while to realize it wasn’t me that was the problem. You’ll find someone who understands even though it feels like it is impossible.

I’m always here if you need someone to talk to x


You literally have lifted my mind with this comment and you’re right I think as nice of a guy he was he just wasn’t right for what I need out of somebody. Thank you so much, I think I could of gone into a downward spiral but you put it so simply and in doing so didn’t make me feel like I was odd or difficult. It’s just people need different things from relationships and I think when you do have chronic pain and anxiety a big one is for something to support you no questions asked, and not take it personally towards them. 🌟🌟


I’m so glad I helped! ♥️ And yes, we all need different things out of relationships! Well said.

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Oh, hun, I'm sorry you're feeling this! Women with endometriosis commonly suffer from chronic pelvic pain. Docs highlight the influence CPP can have on quality of life and psychological well-being. However, high levels of anxiety and depression can alter the way we perceive pain. (By reducing our pain tolerance or increasing our sensitivity..) This is tough to endure. You should keep strong. Sending you huge supportive hugs x


Thanks so much for the reply, over the past 5 months I actually went through ctb therapy again and the guy I was referring to pulled through and after I went through my worst stage has understood it’s all about progression and support and understanding. I’m now so much happier in myself. It will be a long journey and I still have my pain days and days filled with anxiety but I am conquering one step at a time. So if anyone is reading my post just remember things can get better and whilst my MH issues and my endo are a part of me they my no means make me less of a person or define me! Happy Monday warriors 👊🏼


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