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How long does it take to get into a bgse centre?

Hi there,

I am quite new here too. I lived my whole life since my first period (age 14ish) with heavy periods, lots of bleeding and pain. I am nearly 34 now.

About three months ago I went to a private clinic in London with gynae issues as I wasn't (still not) familiar with NHS referral process and didn't want to wait weeks. He found the ovarian cyst via an intravaginal scan so got me to get a ROMA blood test done to see what type of cyst it is. It's an endometrioma. While waiting for results I have been treated for other woman issues. ROMA test showed a very low risk of cancer so he recommended hormonal contraception.

I am in month #2 of the Nuvaring. My first period was much less flow, but actually much more painful and I still get pain pretty much every day, I have discharge with blood and quality of life is horrendous, I am always tired.

Due to the costs of private surgeries I decided 3 weeks ago to see a GP and get a referral into the system which she wouldn't do without NHS results, so I was sent for blood tests and abdominal scan again. Results are back, the 5cm cyst is still on my right ovary and they also found a 1cm fibroid on the front wall of my uterus. All of which is consistent with the sometimes excruciating pain I get, so she's referring me to gynae now.

Are there any stats on how long from a gynae referral that I get to see an actual endo specialist and what should I tell the gynae to take me seriously? I haven't got high expectations and I am also due to go away for 3 months in January, but is it realistic to get to see someone at a bgse clinic before Christmas and hopefully get an op next April or so?

Or shall I just check where endometriosis treatments are in my home country and fly home for surgery?

Any input more than welcome. Thanks in advance!

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