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To operate or not to operate a small chocolate cyst?

Hello everyone! I wanted to get your advice on something.

I recently had a miscarriage (at 10 weeks) and I have a small chocolate cyst (5 cm x 4 cm) on my right ovary. The doctor at the hospital here in the UK said that since it was small, it doesn't need to be removed yet but that I should get it checked out every 6 months. My doctor in Turkey - a very good doctor - was willing to get it operated via a laparoscopic surgery. I initially told the doctor I wanted to have it removed, because I read online (and doctors confirmed) that these cysts can cause infertility in some women. But my UK doctor says a surgery at this stage is not needed, so he advised me against it. He said that this cyst won't be an obstacle to getting pregnant, since we have 2 ovaries and I clearly don't have trouble getting pregnant.

I just wanted to make sure that everything is alright before we start trying for a baby again. Has anyone been in a similar situation, or known someone who has? I have put the surgery on hold for now, but I'm worried that having that small cyst there might make it more difficult to get pregnant. (FYI I'm 31 years old and this was my first pregnancy, we got pregnant after 7 months of trying.)


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Hi, sorry for your loss. Have you been diagnosed with endo? The presence of cysts would indicate endo, but a lap isnt to be taken lightly. The uk dr is right its below the size for draining, they wouldnt remove it as it will damage the ovary. If it gets bigger or causes pain then yes get it drained.

Endo can cause infertility and i think inc the chances of miscarriage, but that doesnt mean we cant get pregnant and carry to full term.

I have been ttc since july 16, no luck and just had a lap to drain a cyst and remove a swollen tube that was causing problems in getting pregnant. Now i am on to ivf. I would try again if yoy feel ready x


Thanks a lot for your reply! Yes, diagnosed with endo, the Turkish doctor never used this word, he said "chocolate cyst" but it says endometriosis on my hospital report from the UK.

I think it's best to postpone the surgery then, I had no idea that a lap could potentially damage the ovary. I thought if a good doctor did it it would be OK.

Anyway, we'll wait for 1-2 months and then start trying again. Let's see what happens!


The lap doesn't damage the ovary but the removal of the cyst will, even my specialist said he would not remove it but drain only. You could have a lap to drain the cyst if yu wanted but if its not huge and does not stop you getting pregnant then you may wish to delay an op as it is a general anaesthetic and that does comes with riska in itself x


HI there, I'm interested in your situation as I have recently been diagnosed with endometrioma of 5cm on both ovaries, and we had started to try for a baby when I then got some pains. Since the MRI showed this up and some endo around, the surgeon has said they should be removed but it may likely damage the ovary or even require their removal. Which I dont want to happen. So I'm trying to find out if I can continue trying to pregnant despite the cysts, or if I must have the surgery and risk damage. I understand though that feeling that you want everything to be good before starting to try. Some say that it makes the pregnancy complicated to have the cyst, and some say the pregnancy hormones will actually reduce them.

I guess I will carry on for now and have a follow up scan, but not sure whether to try to conceive or best to wait!

Anyway best wishes to you with it all xx


Don't, have time for, a big message read Kimttcnumber2 last post. Serrapeptase, may help you without surgery it helped me 💗🤗😘


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