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i have endo on my ovary its a 4cm cyst and trying to conceive really need answers???

been trying for a baby for nearly 2 years with my partner but have found it difficult due to the cyst on y ovary been pregnant once and had a m/c at 3 months that was 3 years ago and havent caught since.. we have now been referred to fertility clinic going through blood tests and swabs then having op in 3 months to remove the cyst and any other endo was wondering who has experienced this and how long did it take for you to get pregnant i would love to know :) scared that i wont ever be able to conceive and it brings me down at times :( the pain is horrible too but main reason is we really want a baby..

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My partner and I have been trying for over a year to conceive. I also miscarried at 3 months back last June and that's when they found a 10cm cyst on my ovary. My doctor was really good and, once I had recovered from the m/c booked me in for surgery which I had early last December. I was told after surgery to start trying ASAP which is what we are doing but no joy as yet. I was also told if we had no joy within 6 months or so we'd get referred to a fertility clinic. I totally understand how you feel, it's so difficult not to get down (and we haven't been trying as long as you). I can't really give you any answers but I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. My doctor seems confident that we will conceive, especially since I've had the cysts and endo from around my womb and bowel removed and the pain reduction has been amazing. So keep going! And I will keep going! And we'll get there!!!


No one can guarantee anything, but the stats for endo girls getting pregnant naturally in the first 6 months after surgery are really good so please try and be positive. Make sure both you and your husband take a good vit (pregnacare conception is well rated) and keep as healthy as possible.

I know it's hard (we stopped counting years after 2 years ttc) but at least by doing the vitamin and diet changes things it helps you feel a bit more in control.

Good luck hon x



I read your comment and it struck a cord with me so thought I wouId share my story with you.

I too have endometriosis on my ovaries. I had a cyst the size of a cricket ball on my right ovary and had surgery to have it drained, after which I was diagnosed with endometriosis. That was 11 years ago. Zoladex was prescribed and I was told if I wanted a child I would have to have fertility treatment though it turned out I didn't need it. I got into my 5th month of zoladex injections when I discovered I was 20 weeks pregnant! I was 37 years old then and my son is now 10 years old. Don't give up hope!


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While it seems youu were very lucky with your pregnancy Anne, can I remind readers that being pregnant or getting pregnant on zoladex or any of the GnRH drugs is to be avoided at all costs. It is highly risky for the development of the foetus and is associated with miscarriage too, definitely do not try to get pregnant while these drugs are in your system. Use condoms not BC pills while on these drugs.


Hi :0)

I wrote a long message earlier and then lost it! Grr! Anyway, I tried for a baby for 7 years on and off (3 years continually at the end), and I had 2 miscarriages in that time. During a scan after my second miscarriage I was told that I would need a lap to remove 2 cysts. During the lap they discovered the endo was worse than they expected and they ended up removing my left ovary and tube because it was so badly damaged. I was told that I would most likely need fertility treatment but first I was given zoladex for 6 months. I fell pregnant with my son straight after stopping the zoladex. I was completely stunned after all that time but couldn't have been happier! My son is now 6. Don't give up :0)

Lucy xxx


thank you all for the messages they have made me think more positively :) i have already been referred to a fertility clinic thats why im having my op done because the hospital was just guna leave me and do nothing about it :/ but i persisted and eventually they sent me fertility clinic my doctor seems really positive that ill be more fertile once the cyst has been removed.. they also guna put a dye through my tubes to see if there blocked but deep down i know its to do with my cyst the reason why im not conceiving :( ive had to deal with this pain from the age of 16 the doctor said it was all in my head and needed to go see a shrink so i left it for two years as they really upset me with what they said then i caught pregnant when i was 18 but lost m/c at 3 months i kept telling them something wasnt right i didnt feel right the pain was really really bad during the pregnancy (this point didnt no i had the cyst) and they told me no its normal to feel pain but i knew deep down it wasnt right and then i ended up having a m/c :( then they sent me hospital for scans ect the cyst was there but they also messed me about for 3 years sayin one minute it was there next it was gone but i knew it hadnt gone because of the pain they was really frustrating me.. then a month back i went back to the doctors and told her everything and that im trying for a baby and she referred me to fertility clinic (new doctor by the way) what would be best for me to go on after the op if they give me an option?? but thanks to everyone that has messaged me :) means alot xxxxxx


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