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Total Peritoneal Exsicion Vs Mirena Coil?

Hi Ladies

I had my first laparoscopy few weeks ago, the doctor found endometriosis stage 3. During my recovery I did a lot of research about the condition and the possible treatments. Total pelvic peritoneal excision is now being marketed as the proper way to go and real "cure". I mention this to my consultant and he said this surgery is being hyped and it’s becoming more in a business due to the high cost ( £10-15K). Also this surgery carries a highly risk to damage other organs. He suggested the Mirena coil as less risky treatment.

I know there is not point of comparison between them two but these are the options we have as NSH will not cover any TPE surgery cost with the right doctor.

The question is can Mirena coil really help to diminish Endo pain? I never had heavy periods but I do get l of migraines before and after my period. Any thoughts??

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Hiya. I chose not to have the mirena as we are ttc so I can't comment on my own experiences with it. I know a little about it though and my understanding is that it is useful to help control heavy bleeding and it doesn't 'treat' endo although you may find it helps with some symptoms. Has your surgeon excised ( cut out) the endo that he found? Or did he literally go in to diagnose and then come out? If you've had it excised & you don't have heavy periods then I'm not sure why you'd be offered the mirena? The only effective way to 'treat' endo is by cutting it out ( excision surgery rather than burning it) TPE is a more radical approach as you know because rather than the surgeon just removing the areas of endo that he can see he removes the whole peritoneum. It's individual choice at the end of the day but the claim that its more risky to other organs I would dispute - I think that sounds more like the skill of the surgeon tbh and if you're surgeon isn't that experienced in endo he might personally feel like this but in the hands of an expert then I wouldn't say this was true. There are atleast 2 consultants who do TPE on NHS one in Manchester & one in York. I can't comment on the one in York but the one in Manchester is extremely highly skilled in laproscopic surgery and I could personally highly recommend him. I had my TPE with him in April and had no problems whatsoever. Hope the above helps - I'm not too knowledgeable about the mirena but I am more so with TPE lol


Thanks for the reply! I think you're right, when doctors are not skilful enough to performance that type of surgery they can't really be objective. My doctor burned the Endo rather that cut it, so it wasn't an excision, I didn't know you can get that done through NHS. Thanks for sharing :)


hi there - do you happen to have contact details for the one in Manchester??? thank you x


Gi please could you tell ne the name of the York consultant anf Manchester obe. York is local I believe she's a lady consultant. Thanks


I have recently had a Mirena coil fitted with the hope of helping endo symptoms. My experience hasn't been fantastic as my body expelled it - only had it in 9 days so I can't comment of how well it actually helps!

However, surely it's worth a try? From the sounds of the surgical option Mirena sounds much safer? If it doesn't help then you could always have it removed and then look at surgery?

All the best xxx


I think I will give it a go and see if it works. There are a lot of several opinions in this forum about Mirena 50% good and 50% not that good. I think it could help with the hormone regulation which is the main cause of Endo. Anyway, thanks very much for sharing your experience :)


No problem :) hope you have more success that I did, and I hope it sorts things out for you ready for a pain free future! :) all the best xx


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