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Pain when needing a pee

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Hi ladies, recently I have developed a new pain and was wondering if it's linked to my endometriosis. When I need to pee my stomach is in agony, and is also in agony for quite some time after I've peed. It feels like my stomach is on fire and am getting stabbing pains too. I also need to go the toilet ALL the time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I had these symptoms too lovely, I did have endo but waiting on my biopsies on this from the Doctors for my cystoscopy. Bladder check. The consultant did stretch my bladder and take biopsies so they may suggest this too. It’s nothing to worry about just a check. But definitely mention to your consultant as I’m still waiting for confirmation if it’s linked. Massive hugs Hun.xx

I get this, I'm waiting for surgery right now, I just find it easier to go before the pain gets too much! It's unbearable sometimes!😫

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AmyLeighxx in reply to cmbxm

I find it's at its worse first thing in the morning I wake up in really bad pain 😢but through the day I try to go before I'm bursting to go to try & calm it down.

Hopefully you're not too long waiting for your surgery now 🤞🏽 xx

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cmbxm in reply to AmyLeighxx

Just over two weeks now thank you! Mornings are so much worse! Also got to a point now where I'm waking up 5/6 times a night! I'm really restricting fluids at the moment so I've gone from drinking 4/5 litres of water and other drinks a day to drinking 500mls/1l just to avoid the broken sleep and pain! xx

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AmyLeighxx in reply to cmbxm

Hope the op reduced the pain for you 🙏🏽

I'm the same I wake quite a lot through the night. I have to drink as the co-codomols make me so dehydrated 🙄 xx

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cmbxm in reply to AmyLeighxx

Oh god that's even worse when you have to drink because you're medically dehydrated! 😩😩 x

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JackieBo in reply to cmbxm

YeH, the cocodamol really makes you feel parched.

For bedtime, stop taking full gulps about two hours before bed. You can still take small sips to quench yourself, but don't chug like you might normally. That'll give your body time to get the day's liquid out so you can sleep more peacefully. No need to deny yourself liquid during the day, just restrict a few hours before bed. Stay hydrated, ladies! 😊

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cmbxm in reply to JackieBo

Might try that as I know it's so bad to restrict fluids! X

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AmyLeighxx in reply to JackieBo

I will definitely try this to see if it helps! Xx

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Jenjen87 in reply to cmbxm

Hugs, stay strong. It is unbearable. I had a couple of stingy wees after lap but that’s because I had a cystoscopy to check bladder and sort it.

I hope the lap etc works for you too. Hugs. Let me know how you get on😘.

I have this too, but I also find it really difficult to pee. Even if in bursting I have to really concentrate, otherwise it won't happen.

I’m exactly the same with this. Especially the finding it hard to pee... have to really concentrate. The pain is immense like a sharp stabbing pain and as if everything is swollen and inflamed xx

So it's likely it's related to the endo then! It's nice to know I'm not the only one with this pain. I don't know about you but I sometimes doubt myself and Just think is it all in my head or am I just being over dramatic. No one really understands apart from you ladies on here going through it as well xx

Im the same. I did have endo on bladder that was removed but come straight back. Im awoken 2, 3+ times a night. Holding a wee results in pain so bad i sweat from every pore, rocking and swearing. It then, like you cripples me for hours. Ive had to pee myself before now as the pain was just too bad!

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AmyLeighxx in reply to Heloo85

Sounds awful. I'm the same I cannot hold my pee my stomach just hurts way too much. Xx

Hi I'm the same and also wet myself it just happens so embaracing 11 years

I am waiting for an ovary switch off my fibroids are in my womb and endomtriosis is bad they can do it key hole so i have to be cut open but can't afford to take time off as I'm.self employed any 1 else had the Injections in pain ALL the time 😥😣😣😣😣😣😣

No body underatands they LIKE why r u tired they dont know the half of it i am so depressed right now

Hi amyleigh

Have u been to have a check with dr u not got a bladder infection ?

Also i found that mine was the muscle releasing as it couldnt coz i was in so much discomfort all time, so i found a pelvic floor specialist, they work internally which seems weird but actually is a blessing, i couldnt wee or poop i was in pain all morning and it was just because i couldnt release my pelvic floor( it was so tight) i have since had 3 sessions and oh my god the difference! Its amazing....

The therapist was telling me we tend to hold our stress in our vagina if we have gynae related problems so we get very tight which will give u wee poo probs pain in belly, hips and buttocks and i had all this and in three weeks it more

Then 60% better?

So see if u can find one. Also my periods are

Easier as im not so tense

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AmyLeighxx in reply to Lulububs

I am going to see my GP on Monday to see what they say. Am also waiting an appointment with my consultant. X

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annaserena in reply to Lulububs

Where do you find a pelvic floor specialist?

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Lulububs in reply to annaserena

You have to google it, i was lucky there was one nearish where i live. I know there one in london a clinic. U just have to do ur homework and google it to find one...

Agree with the hydration 😊. When I had this pain I drank more weirdly. If I kept hydrated it was still a struggle to wee but not as much because I could release some at the same time with the pain. When I wasn’t drinking as much as was worried, I found it more painful because my body was pushing to get no urine out. I had no output.

It could be an infection and it’s worth getting it checked, as my symptoms were not.

Stick a bit of cranberry in the water too, I had slight pain after lap and drank cranberry and water after. I hate cranberry juice so diluted it 😂. These don’t seem like urine infections so could all be a placebo but I liked drinking it because I knew it would help me somewhat with my bladder and bowels. (Docs said bowels, I didn’t know that).

Sending you all lots

They may check your bladder capacity too Hun. Not a bad thing you just may have a small bladder. They stretched mine whilst under ( this didn’t cause me problems after and nothing to worry about) it could be something as simple as that 😘

You could have a severe water infection or it could be endo related only way you will know if it’s endo related is if you have a cystoscopy.

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