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Does anyone else experience agonising pain when opening bowels during their period?

I had my first lap last June and although the 'normal' symptoms have come back I am now getting problems with my bowel at the time of my period! This month was so bad A&E was the next option!! It's like my bowel is stuck with superglue and it's tearing it apart as I'm trying to go.

And what with the upset stomach that endo brings this is agony! Just been back to hospital today and he thinks that the endo has now attached my bowl so booking in for round two!! Has anyone else ever experienced this?? xxx

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I had my lap in may and in the last couple if weeks I have been having severe pain when I need the toilet. I haven't been back to the hospital to enquire yet but I am expecting him to say its on my bowel.


Hi, I had an MRI in may for the same thing and have got endo on my bowel, I am due to have surgery on 18th November to cut the section of bowel out, apparently it us safer than laser surgery which would thin the bowel! I have had three previous ops for endo and on the last one they used some sort of liquid which has prevented it coming back n my ovaries etc, hope this helps x



That's exactly what I had and I too ended up in A&E. I have been diagnosed now and am waiting for hysterectomy and possible bowel resection. Can't happen soon enough, but was told the wait is likely to be 6-8 months. My bowel is attached to the back of my womb and I also have endo cysts on it. I had the merina coil fitted in April when I had my lap and surgery to remove endo from my belly button, my periods are very light now so that has helped, but I am in constant pain because of all the adhesions everywhere and all the usual endo symptoms too. It sounds to me as though you are suffering the same thing. Surprised it wasn't spotted when you had your lap in June.

Good luck with round 2!



Hi I got diagnosed with endo in June after my lap. My sister has it very severely hers has attached to her bowel and its really hard for her to go the toilet she goes sometimes for over a week before she can go. If its not on your bowel though the gyno has told me when your hormonal your organs swell up so when they touch the endo when theyve swelled up it will aggravate thr endo an swell up more which can effect your bowel movements too. I know its cliche but drink lots of water i drink 2l a day and i go atleast once to three times a day. It does help!


I sufferedd from this too - along with painful sex. My new consultant told me instantly that this will mean the back of my womb is attached to my bowel with endo adhesions. He was right.

I've just had my second lap, this time they cut away rather than lasering. The first week was painful but now I'm a million times better. The recovery time is much quicker than lasering.

It's nothing to worry about, as long as they catch it soon.

Of they don't, then a bowel specialist will have to perform the op with your consultant and maybe remove parts of it. This is a last resort though


I was diagnosed in November last year with endo, and I have the same problem. Going to the toilet is just agony, and if I don't go straight away, I can't even stand up straight. Sometimes I'm nearly in tears! I was told after my lap that I have endo on my bowels, and it is quite bad, as my bowels have attached themselves onto my ovaries, the cysts on my ovaries and my womb! x


I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo in march this year, I have it pretty much everywhere in the pelvis, and bowel is stuck to womb, and womb stuck to bladder, it's in the POD, my ovaries are also stuck to my bowel etc etc, they didn't even remove any as said will do it all in next operation which they said would be full hysterectomy, and there would be a massive risk I would wake up with a colostomy bag too as so much endo on the bowel. I experienced the awful pain when going to the loo, amongst all the other terrible debilitating symptoms I had but since my lap in march I have really cleaned up my diet, I started off by cutting out the obvious things....bread etc and wheat based products, drank lots of water, cut out caffeine, and as time went on I managed to come off most of my painkillers and off the laxido too. I exercise quite a lot now and that helps me cope with pain, as I still get pain, almost everyday but it's not as bad as I did pre lap and a ibuprofen and paracetamol can now do the trick whereas it was the heavy duty pills before. Most recently I have started drinking prune juice every morning, just a small glass and that has worked wonders too, and I am at present phasing out more food groups that apparently aren't good for endo, dairy, sugars etc etc. it all sounds very boring lol, and I never thought in a million years this would be the type of person I would become but the benefits it has had on my endo has been unreal, so much so I am postponing my hysterectomy, and maybe I won't need at all xx


I had a lap done on Sept 20th to remove a dermoid cyst, my right ovary and some lesions. I'd not had any pain, the cyst was discovered on an ultrasound during an investigation of persistent bloating. Following the lap I have felt the usual tiredness but generally great - didn't even need painkillers. BUT now that I am having my first period after the op. I am getting bouts of pain on my right side, going down my legs and when going to the toilet. I haven't spoken to a doctor as the pain is manageable but I started going back to the gym last week and I'm worrying now that I've injured myself in some way.


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